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I Hate Calling This Day 1

The title of this post speaks volumes to me. This is not a "Day 1" except that it is. I started my 90 day program with the VA called TeleMove. Here's why I hate calling this a day 1. I'm not doing anything differently than what I have been doing for years. I'm still trying to meal plan. I'm still trying to workout 4-6 days a week (varying exercises) for 15 - 30 minutes. I'm trying to drink all the water and eat all the veggies and using the scale as a gauge of how I'm doing.

The only difference now is that I HAVE TO weigh in every day. If I fall below 90% compliant (miss 2-3 days a month) then I will be kicked out of the program. Let me back up and give you a little more information about TeleMove first.

This is a 90 day weight loss program offered to all veterans but you have to get a referral from your primary care provider in order to register. I work with a Registered Dietitian who is called a Care Coordinator. With this program, I had about a half hour call with my RD before setting up for my enrollment. I gave her information about my back ground and all the issues that I have been dealing with and struggling with the last several years. On Monday I had my 1-hour enrollment call with her. I was sent a scale that will automatically send her my weight every day as well as provide me some information and have me answer some questions prior to weighing in. I also have access to a physical workbook to work through.

A lot of the information really is going to be falling on deaf ears for me as I know a lot of this information from my years coaching and learning from other RDs online and my own RD (shout out to Sharon who I miss terribly...and I need to email her and send her a picture of my medals from the CG races back in March). So now the question as to why I am doing this.

I'm checking off another box. It's going along with the blood work that says I'm fine. All the tests that say I'm fine. Clearly I am not fine. So at the end of this program when I have successfully completed it, I will be able to discuss with my doctor on next steps for getting rid of this weight. Will it be a weight loss medication? Will it be surgery? I don't know yet but this is the last stepping stone (I think) to get me to hopefully some kind of a solution.

Here's the thing about these next 90 days. I have set goals. It's stuff that I try to do anyway but now that I have someone keeping me accountable (aside from sharing in my IG stories and possibly on TT), I really want to make sure that I hit these goals. So what are my goals?

Typed out goals on a orange and pink back ground
My goals in a nutshell. These are all things I try to do anyway but haven't been strict about completing.

While yes we talked about my ultimate weight loss goal being 50-60 pounds, I also told her that I could lose even 30 pounds I know a lot of my health issues will lessen or go away (I didn't have acid reflux when I was 30 pounds lighter). Right now, we're focusing more on getting back into my tracking habits. I told her one of my biggest issues since leaving Beachbody was not having that reliable calendar and a program to follow. I didn't have to guess what workout was coming tomorrow because my program calendar would tell me! Now that I'm not using those programs, I'm very unstructured and I'm learning I don't do great in those situations but I'm going to strive to fix that by scheduling my workouts if I can't do a live workout. I would like to do my strength training Monday, Wednesday, Friday and my cardio days on Tuesday and Thursday with an optional Saturday.

So today is my first day! I did my workbook stuff yesterday and learned from my scale this morning that we would be spending 3 days going through the first module so I'm ahead! I tracked all my food but I will not hit my 80oz water goal. I'm 32oz in and there is no way I can fill my water bottle up 3 more times before I go to bed. I did a 20 minute shadow boxing class and holy hell that was hard but so much fun! I can't wait to do it again. I'm going to take a look through the Peloton classes and see what classes I'll be able to fit in live through the weekend and possibly next week and create a stack for the days that I don't see anything live that I can make.

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