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Hi! I'm Myranda!

When I think back to when I was a kid, I never had dreams of getting married.  I didn't play house, pretend to be married, and for the longest time I didn't want children.  According to my mom, "You were always into playing 'Diner'.  Taking everyone's order and pretending to give them their food.  Every family get together you went around the room asking if people were ready to order."  Strange to think that it took me until my early 30s to get into the food business!

When I got into my late teens I remember proclaiming that I didn't want to have children of my own...I wanted to adopt because there were so many children brought into this world that have no one to love them and I would be there for them and love them as my own.  Plus I was a selfish teenager who could not imagine wearing anything but a size extra small shirt and a size 0 jeans (I can't believe that size still exists).

It wasn't until I found myself pregnant for the first time at the ripe ol' age of 20.  I was in a terrible relationship and the man played on my fears and, long story short, I did not have a child with him (that's a story for a different time).  It was then that I realized that someday with the right person I did want a child of my own.  I wanted one child and I wanted a girl.


Of course I would be happy with any child but deep down I wanted a little girl.  I found myself married at 23 and after trying for 2 years found out that my husband at the time was not able to have children (that's not why we got divorced).  After we parted ways I had thought about going through with artificial insemination on my own because I was divorced at 27 and I wasn't getting any younger and honestly didn't know if I wanted to settle down and get married again.

Then came transfer season in the summer of 2013.  For those of you non-military folks, transfer season for the Coast Guard is May - July usually.  At any point in those months, our CG service members are packing up their homes and moving and in June of 2013, my husband was moving to my home town.  We had only met in passing one time through a mutual friend but after hanging out for a few weeks, he asked me to be his girlfriend and he's been stuck with me since that day!

When we found out that he was transferring from the West coast to the East coast 2 years earlier than originally told, he said that I was going with him.  He didn't ask...he told me.  I said that if he packs up my stuff and moves me across the country away from my family that he was stuck with me forever.  He said he was okay with that!

We lived on the East Coast for almost a year when we got engaged.  He proposed to me after an early birthday dinner in 2016 and we were in no rush to get married.  Flash forward to the fall of 2017, we have our marriage license and struggling hard to find an officiant with time to perform our ceremony (just us and literally 5 other people) before our 90 days was up.  We finally received a yes on a Tuesday that she had time on Saturday (which was the day I wanted) and then I found out on Wednesday that I was pregnant.  Talk about a great week!

I hadn't planned to become a mom in my mid-30s but that's what happened.  I sometime think about how I'll be entering my 40s when my daughter starts school and I won't have anything in common with the other mom's because I'm certain they're going to be in their 20s.  Aside from our kids being the same age, what on earth will we talk about.  Then I got the sweetest reminder from a friend.  She is the daughter of one of my former co-workers and I've known her since she was a little girl.  She has a daughter that is almost 2 years younger than my daughter.  I made a similar comment (about being an older mom) and her reply made me want to cry.  She said (and I quote), "I totally get that, but a baby is a blessing at any age, and if your girl and my girl went to school together I would chat with you no matter the age difference."

Now I'm here, celebrating the little wins in life and hopefully sharing those with y'all!  Ideally I'll be posting 1-2 times a week but you know how it goes... #MomLife

*I would like to add that the majority of the links that I add to my posts are NOT affiliate links.  These are links to articles, pages, events, products, etc, that I love and want to share.  I do not make any money off of this website by any links that I share.  Some links may take you to a sign up form to work with me.  If I do have an affiliate link, I will say so at the top of the post but also know that any affiliate link that I share only provides me commission if a purchase is made and not by clicks on the link or site.  If you have questions about an item from an affiliate link, please let me know and I will get you all the details you need!*


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