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Half Marathon Training Week 5

This post is super late but it's been a travel week (more on that to come). Last week was a little stressful. I increased my easy pace and my steady pace and was trying to get all the things done and ready before my 2 year old and I flew across the country by ourselves! Every run felt good despite not wanting to do some of them! Let's take a look at week 5 of my training! THE TRAINING Total Running Time: 2 hours Total Miles: 8.4 miles

Gotta say...trying to recap 1.5 weeks after the fact is hard. I do remember looking at my schedule, seeing 40 minute easy run, knew I was bumping up my speed to 4.2 and I got 1 minute in and thought I DON'T WANT TO DO 39 MORE MINUTES. I did it. I ran 2.79 miles. I tried so hard to hit 2.8 miles and I kept bumping up my speed trying to get there but I stopped at time. Every quarter mile and every 5 minutes I took a sip of hydrate. It helps watching Netflix.

Thursday's run wasn't so bad. It was a 30 minute easy run and I ran 2.1 miles. This run felt a little better...maybe it was because it was only 30 minutes. Maybe because I wasn't in a rush to complete it. Maybe because I was looking forward to making my lunch (it was so good)!

I forgot to selfie this run. It was brutal though. I have to say that now that I have a few runs under my belt with my shoes tied with the window lace my feet feel great! Maintained that 4.2 speed for the full 50 minutes. I feel my endurance getting better. I'm feeling better with each run. I am finding myself falling in love with running all over again! THE FOOD

I made two recipes this week that I loved. For breakfast, I made these breakfast brownies. They are so good. This is in direct competition for my favorite breakfast with the banana bread mug cake. The only reason it takes second is because the brownies take some time where as the mug cake can be put together and made in less than 5 minutes and that includes the cooking time!

Then there was lunch. This Hawaiian Pineapple Shrimp was delicious but I can definitely see why the original recipe calls for the use of red cabbage but I had green and I like to use what I have before I buy more.

While the sauce was delicious, it needed just a little something. I topped it with some green onions and, since I like heat, I added some sambal to the mix. It gave it just the kick that it needed. Also not pictured is a cauliflower risotto which was frozen cauliflower with 2 wedges of Laughing Cow cheese and normally I use fresh sliced mushrooms but this time I used canned sliced mushrooms...and I had to add some Chick-fil-a sauce...and then it was delicious! Alright y'all! That wraps up week 5! I have loads to talk about for week 6 as well as some additional posts coming thanks to my traveling!


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