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Half Marathon Training Week 3

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Week 3 started off rough! If you recall, I ended last week coming down with a sinus infection. I seemed to get worse every day. Thursday a tickle in my throat. Friday it turned into a sore throat with a little headache. Saturday I started to feel the congestion in my sinus. Sunday afternoon I couldn't breathe out of one side of my nose and started sneezing. Monday was the worst! I was taking cold medicine and doing everything I could think of to try and dry up this crud only to make a grocery list around sudafed! All this to say THAT is why this post if rolling out so late!

Ready for a recap of last week?


Total Running Time: 1 hour 43 minutes

Total Miles: 7.14 miles

I woke up Tuesday morning and I didn't feel like Grade A garbage! I picked up my sudafed at noon and promptly took a dose before leaving the parking lot. I took it easy to see if it was going to make me drowsy and determined I could take my preworkout and jump on the treadmill. 30 minute easy run at 4.0 on the treadmill for 2 miles. I have been worried that my speed was a little too fast. I was also worried that being sick the last few days would make me go slower but I maintained the 4.0 speed for 30 minutes and my grandma even called me about 13 minutes into my run and I talked to her the rest of the run so I knew I was running at an easy pace!

By Thursday I was feeling about 75%. Still a little congested but I managed to do this run alternating between my easy pace and a steady pace. This is the first time I've added the steady pace...and I determined that it needed to be bumped up. This run was 28 minutes. I started and finished the run with a 5 minute easy run at 4.0. In between were four intervals of 3 minutes each of steady pace (4.3) and then easy pace (4.0). I have to say that one of the reasons I am coming to enjoy my training runs on my treadmill is the fact that I am getting to watch Criminal Minds while I run. I mean who doesn't love watching serial killers while feeling like you're dying on the treadmill...and knocking out 2.02 miles!

Let's chat a bit about Saturday! Saturday was a 45 minute easy run at 4.0 on the treadmill and I ran 3.12 miles. Feeling about 85%, I am still shocked that I managed to maintain my training while having this stupid sinus infection/cold. I mean...if that doesn't take me back to my high school years I don't know what does. A little back story, I would run 3 miles every day when I was a junior and senior in high school. Usually after school or work, I would lace up and run through the neighborhood. I always ran 3 miles...unless I wasn't feeling well then, depending on how bad I felt, it would be 1 or 2 miles. I loved my neighborhood for the fact that from door to door I had 1, 2, 3, 4, and a 5 mile run route! Anyway, feeling pretty good after this run solidified that I am going to bump up my easy pace in my next 4 week block. If I could managed to maintain that pace while sick and have it not completely drain me then I am definitely ready to push myself a little more!


This wasn't my favorite shake but I love these pouches. They are insulated, came with 16oz and 24oz pouches, straws and a collapsible funnel. They are washable and reusable. I can batch make my shakes, freeze them and pull one out the day before I want it. The shake itself was okay but I was quickly reminded why I don't like using blackberries or raspberries in my shakes (the seeds). These specific pouches are listed as unavailable but here is something similar. I ate a lot of leftovers because I didn't meal prep at all so I didn't take any pictures of any of my food. This section will get better as I keep going. I promise!


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