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Half Marathon Training Week 11

This week I thought I was going to die. Okay...maybe not die...but I wanted to tap out a few times. I'm getting ahead of myself though. I still can't believe that my race is coming up in a little over a month! My goodness! THE TRAINING

Total Running Time: 3 hours 35 minutes Total Miles: 14.48 miles

This run sucked so hard! 50 minute easy run for a total of 3.18 miles but then walked about 0.8 miles home. I knew I was going to have to walk about 3/4 of a mile home but this is why this run sucked. It was hot and humid AF. I ran a different route that had next to no tree coverage to provide any shade. Here are some of the thoughts that went through my head:

Why did I decide to run a new route? There's no shade...I'm gonna die! I should do this run on the treadmill...I'll call the hubs to pick me up. How long is this road? Why does it feel like I can chew the air? The sweat is burning my eyeballs! The God man...the hills! Did I miss my turn? How steep is that hill? How am I going to make it up 7.5 miles of hills at Rushmore? I'm getting to the stop sign and calling it a day!

I finally got home, peeled off my soaking wet shirt and compression socks and collapsed on my yoga mat. My husband comes downstairs and asks me if I saw his text. I looked at him and said, "I literally just peeled off my I haven't seen your text message." He said right after I left, he texted me that we're under an excessive heat advisory with heat index temps up to 105-110 degrees. I looked at him and said, "Next time, for something like that, CALL ME BRO!" I've told him time and time again that when I workout, my phone goes into Do Not Disturb mode so I don't get bothered by texts and calls. He said that he thought he was listed to by pass that and I said only when you call (and not using WhatsApp to call).

That heat wave stuck around the majority of the week! Like until Friday evening! That means all my runs remained inside! I hooked up my workout tv and Apple TV but didn't realize that I still wouldn't be able to watch unless I had ear buds in. I basically watched this entire episode of Loki on Disney+ and I have no idea what was said! Anyway, this was a tempo run and since it was inside, I didn't have to write on my hand or arm. 10 minute easy run, 25 minute tempo run, and 10 minute easy run. I did an almost reverse tempo. I slowed down, did a steep incline and I focused on easy pace going down hill (per training guide). Total of 45 minutes and 2.9 miles on the nose!

This is similar to the run I wrote and quickly made some speed and incline changes and this was the final!

Saturdays mean long runs (when I'm not swapping them for my recovery runs on Sundays). It was hot, humid, and muggy outside so I stayed inside. Plus I really think I was still recovering from that run outside on Tuesday. This was rough. It's the longest run I've ever done on the treadmill. It was 95 minutes of torture and I did it to myself. I added an incline 3.0 for the entire run. I was so confused because I watched like 2.5 episodes of Supernatural and I kept thinking aren't these episodes less than 45 minutes since it automatically skips the intro and most of the credits? but I kept going! 6.61 miles later I was done! I also discovered that on these longer runs, I can no longer wear a sports bra with a zipper in the front. I have two spots that the skin got rubbed raw and broke.

I mean if this face doesn't just scream I'M TIRED, I don't know what does. This 25 minute easy run was anything but easy. It was 1.79 miles at an incline of 3.0 and completed at 9pm. Yeah...I was freakin tired! I was shocked that my legs worked to be honest. I guess that means that my legs are getting stronger. The first time I ever ran 5 miles in my life I was consistently running 2-4 miles every day. I added that 5th mile and my legs turned to jello. I ran my first 10K this winter and it took a couple days even though I was running on a regular basis but not really more than 2 miles. The fact that I ran 6.61 miles and then turned around and ran almost 2 miles the next day...I'm impressed with myself!


I didn't really meal plan or making anything according to my meal plan but I'm following this meal plan for Week 12! What I love about these pre-made meal plans is that I have access to all of the recipes and I get a grocery list with everything that I need. I have 19 meal plans that I can pick from...38 if I include the vegan meal plans...another 4 weeks in Ilana's book...I think there's even a 30 day meal plan! So much to pick from. Next week is a whole lot of new recipes that I'm trying so I'll share a highlight of my favorites! I would like to point out that if you look at the reviews of Ilana's book, you're going to see a lot of negative reviews. A lot of the people appear to know the program already and feel that the book is a waste of money because it is information that they already know. This book was written for those people who have never heard of Ilana or her program 2B Mindset. You'll see similar low ratings/negative reviews for Autumn's book. They think these books are going to contain some secret information but in reality, it's giving the reader a basic and generalized idea of their program. Yes they promote the sale of Beachbody products because that is where their program can be purchased. They use these products and workout programs and believe in them otherwise they would not be affiliated with them. Don't believe me, follow them on social media! Anyway, I'll step down off my soap box now! Thanks for following along with me on this incredible journey of mine!


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