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Coast Guard Semper Paratus Challenge 2023 Training Week 3

On Tuesday I finally did my onboarding for my new job with my former/current employer! I got all my equipment and my first load of work to do. Y'all don't even know how excited I am to get back into it! I was hoping to have log in credentials before I left but no dice. Other than that, the week went great! I did forget a whole mess of pictures because I was working out in my bedroom and really just rolled into bed right after but I'll try to be more mindful next week. Let's see how I did this week! REMINDER OF WHAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO Monday: Recovery/Rest Day

Tuesday: 3 miles + Hills 1

Wednesday: 20 min Cross Training + Full Body Strength

Thursday: 3 miles

Friday: Full Body Strength

Saturday: 2 miles

Sunday: 7 mile Long Run



TOTAL TIME: 3h 54m 40s

Day 1 - 20 minute Restorative Yoga No picture because I straight up forgot! I did my yoga right before bed. Even though I didn't run my long run and took a lot of time off last week, I needed the stretch. I am not as limber as I once was!

Day 2 - 3 miles + Hills 1

This run felt great! I did get mad during my walk breaks because the commercials were too short! I waited until I got to about 2.6 miles before I started my hills. I ran my 5 hills at 7% incline and 6.5 speed for 10 seconds and walked at 1% incline and 2.5 speed for 30 seconds. When I finished I had less than a tenth of a mile to finish so I ran that (and the first 2.6 miles) at 1% incline and 4.1 speed. Once I hit the 3 mile mark, I dropped to 0% incline and 2.5 speed and walked a 0.1 mile recovery.

Day 3 - 20 min Healthy Back Yoga + 20 min 90s Pilates Just like with my yoga on Monday, I did this workout before bed and just straight up forgot to snap a picture. During the pilates class I realized just how much of my flexibility I have lost with my weight gain. I struggled but I tried before modifying and finished the workout!

Day 4 - 3 miles

This run just listed mileage on the training plan so I guessed easy pace. I thought about doing a 45 minute Peloton run...and then I thought at just running to an episode of Yellowstone and walking the commercials...and then I decided to just see how long and far I could run before I needed a walk break. I ran at a 1% incline and 4.1 speed. I covered the mileage and most of the screen with my phone and used my Apple TV remote to cover out the time. I got to 1.65 miles and was shocked! Next I got to 2.5 miles and told myself I am so close...I can do this! At 2.75 miles I can do hard things! was on repeat in my head. I finally pulled everything from the display at about 2.95 miles. It took everything I had in me not to increase the speed to finish faster. I crossed the 3 mile mark without walking! I dropped to 0% incline and walked at 2.5 speed for a 0.1 mile recovery. I couldn't even tell you the last time I ran 3 continuous miles! I am so stupidly proud of myself for this huge accomplishment! It wasn't until I shared this picture on Facebook that someone pointed out the face on the tv. I didn't even notice! this scene, John is begging to die because he had the yellow eyed demon inside of him...seemed fitting that I felt at times that I wanted to die but kept going! "How I felt during my run vs. How I felt after it was over"...turned into a meme!

Day 5 - 30 min Full Body Strength - Body Weight workout

Never underestimate the power of a body weight workout! My legs were toast before the leg burnout. I added on a 10 minute yoga focused on the hips. My hips still feel super tights but I'll keep stretching and using my Theragun. I also need to remember on the really tight spots to put icy hot on my massage gun and it will help get all that medicine into those muscles!

Day 6 - 2 miles

I'm sure that this was supposed to be like the 3 miles on Thursday, nice and easy, but I didn't want to just watch a show and run so I opted for this 30 minute Boxing Day run with Joslyn and it was fun! Now I may have taken a break about 10 minutes in because I needed to hit the bathroom again (IYKYK wink wink) and I had to pause the tv for about 15 seconds before I did the cool down with her to make sure I hit my 2 miles. I enjoyed the hills she included. I even covered the right side of my tread screen for the last song because I didn't want any limiting beliefs on how fast I could go and every time she said to increase I did the max...except when she said to increase speed by 0.5 to 1.0...I stuck to 0.5. No idea how fast I ended up going and I'm okay with that!

Day 7 - 7 mile Long Run

It's New Year's day...wake up and it is warm and an absolutely gorgeous foggy morning. I wanted the sun to burn off the fog later in the day so I could do my run outside but my daughter woke up and insisted on making these sounds that gave me such a bad headache that by the time it went away, it was too late to do my run outside. 7 miles on the treadmill is hard. I did play with the speed each mile. Odd miles I ran at 4.1 and even miles at 4.5. I did go back to running 0.9 and walking 0.1 but today I needed to walk slower so I walked at 2.0. All of this at a 1% incline to mimic running outside (did you know that) and had fruit snacks as my fuel at miles 2 and 4 and then a honey stinger gel at mile 6. I watched almost 3 full episodes of Supernatural but today I wasn't really running with a goal in mind other than just getting the miles in so time be damned...but around mile 5 I realized that I didn't prep all the places for chafing. Let me just leave it at that!

WHAT'S ON DECK FOR NEXT WEEK: I was told that Monday is being observed for New Years so I'm hoping that by Tuesday I will have my log in and can officially start working. It will be interesting to see how I fit my 4 hours a day of work in with my mom duties and my training. I'm excited for all that is coming! Oh yeah...and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Monday: Recovery/Rest Day

Tuesday: 3 miles + Hills 2

Wednesday: 20 min Cross Training + Full Body Strength

Thursday: 4 miles

Friday: Full Body Strength

Saturday: 2 miles

Sunday: 8 mile Long Run


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