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Coast Guard Semper Paratus Challenge 2023 Training Week 1

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

It's time! It's here! The race I am going to attempt to do every year because it is really the only way I'll be able to gauge my progress! The Coast Guard 5K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon is happening the weekend of March 3rd & 4th in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. They have announced some really awesome things recently. Not only is the marathon a Boston Qualifying race but this year it is also part of they Olympic time trials for the US Marathon team for 2024! Also announced is that anyone ages 17 - 24 that currently has no military obligation can run any of the races for free! See the details here. Talk about awesome! They also shared a sneak peek at the medal prototypes and they look amazing (I also saw the challenge coin and I can't wait to get mine)! If you're going to be in the area or want to run virtually, you can sign up here.

Let's get down to business! What is the Semper Paratus Challenge? It's signing up to complete the 5K on Friday and either the Half or the Full Marathon on Saturday. I have zero desire to do a full I'm doing the half with it! This is my 3rd half marathon and my 3rd type of training. This round, I'll be following the beginner half marathon calendar found in Amanda Brooks's book "Run to the Finish". I don't remember how I stumbled onto her but I first downloaded her book on Audible and it is filled with so much great information that after listening to the book for only an hour, I bought a physical copy! What I really like about her training plan is that it includes strength training days. It specifically says full body, core, upper body, etc and I like that I don't have to guess what I'm doing. The biggest decision I have to make is what trainer to I want to workout with!

Since this is week 1, I'll tell you that this is what my schedule is supposed to look like: Monday: Recovery or Rest Day (possibly a Peloton yoga class) Tuesday: 3 miles + Hills (on the treadmill) Wednesday: 30 minute Cross Training or Full Body Strength (possibly Peloton strength training class) Thursday: 3 miles + Hills (on the treadmill) Friday: Full Body Strength (live Peloton class) Saturday: 30 minute Cross Training or Rest Day (possibly live Peloton yoga class) Sunday: 5 mile Long Run

Now is this how the week went? Let's see!



TOTAL TIME: 3h 11m 56s

Day 1 - Recovery Day

Although I didn't really need a rest or recovery day, I opted for a 20 minute Restorative Yoga class on the Peloton app. I love the stretch you get in those kinds of classes. Normally I'm not one to want to hold a pose but there's just something about restorative yoga that feels amazing! Fingers crossed but I'm gonna attempt to include these classes in all recovery days and cross training days! After I finished the class (try for free for 60 days here), I used my RestCloud neck stretch pillow for 10 minutes and then spent about 5 minutes with my Theragun on my quads, hip flexors, inner calves, ankles and upper back. I don't like to foam roll so I need to get into the habit of using the Theragun!

Day 2 - 3 miles + Hills 1

I watched a little over 1 episode of Yellowstone during this run. I ran at a 1% incline the entire time until I got to the hills. I ran most of the first 2.5 miles at 4.1 only dropping a little to 4.0 and had more walking sessions at 2.5 speed than I want to admit to but it's the first run of the program and I'm getting my feet wet! The hills were a set of 5. I brought the incline up to 7% and ran for 10 seconds at 6.0 and then dropped to 1% and walked for 30 seconds at 2.5. This took me to almost 2.75 miles and I finished the last quarter mile at 4.0 and then walked at 2.0 for 0.1 miles. I felt like I could go faster and maybe make the walking break a little longer if need be. The only guidelines I have is the incline and to go at a hard effort for 10 seconds and then walk down the hill. We will see!

Day 3 - 30 minute Full Body Strength

Despite her not feeling well, my daughter joined me for my workout! I used 15s and 10s for my weights but did the majority of the work with the 15s. I'm impressed that I'm finally trying more of the core moves before modifying and boy was my core sore for a couple days but in a good way. I decided after my shower to add in another 20 minute restorative yoga class. Even though she loves to do these with me, she does not like the music they play in yoga classes. She kept telling me she didn't like the song and to change it. I told her that I don't have any control over the music...she didn't like that!

Day 4 - 3 miles + Hills 1

My husband was home when I did this run so I needed to find my earbuds. I still don't know where they are but I managed to charge up these wireless headphones and they worked so well! This was the same run that I did on Tuesday BUT I challenged myself! I watched another full episode of Yellowstone and told myself that I would walk the commercial breaks. I think there were 4 of them and I walked only those at 2.5. The remaining time, I ran at 1% incline and 4.1. I did this until I got to 2.5 miles and then I started my hills. Incline went to 7% and I pushed harder at 6.5. I kept my recovery to 30 seconds and 2.5. I managed to get in 0.25 miles in those 5 hills. Ran the last 0.25 at 4.1, dropped the incline to 0% and walked at 2.5 for 0.1 miles and then I was toast!

Day 5 - 30 minute Full Body Strength

I know you can't see my weights but I used 20s and 10s today. My daughter worked out with me and used all her little weights but mostly gave the dog kisses (he is also behind me like my weights). This was a live class and it's been so long since I've been able to actually participate in the live class that I signed up for! I did the lower body work with my 20s, the upper body work with my 10s, the Russian Twists with a 10 before opting for no weights for the remaining core work, and probably could have done the burnout at the end with 15s. We did 3 exercises time based for lower body and then put them together for a 4 minute EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) rep based. Same thing for upper body, 3 moves time based and then 4 minute EMOM. Core was 4 exercises and then the burn out was the last 3 minutes of class and we combined the first moves from lower and upper, then the second moves from lower and upper, and the third moves. I gotta say that I'm kind of glad that long runs aren't on Saturdays because I don't know that my legs could do a long run this week on Saturday.

Day 6 - Rest Day I was all signed up for a live Peloton Holiday Yoga Flow class but with my daughter, still being sick and stuffy, things had to shift a little. My class was supposed to be at 1pm but after a little accident (her) leading to a shower (both of us) that ended right before class was starting, I realized that I needed to get some food in her belly. It was a fight that I honestly can't remember if I won or not. I thought well I can do it after book club and did my book club discussions from 3pm - 5pm and then made dinner. I cleaned up my kitchen, ate dinner, and then remembered I was supposed to FaceTime with one of my friends that I haven't seen in forever. Next thing I know it's like 10pm and I just wanted to rest day!

Day 7 - 6 mile Long Run

I know it was supposed to be a 5 mile run BUT I changed it for two reasons. First, next weekend in Christmas and why not run a mile less than scheduled, if I run at all. Second, and the real reason I switched, the Garmin 10K badge is earned this weekend and I figured if I run 6 miles then my recovery can be walking 0.2 miles and boom...10K done! I managed to finish this in 2 episodes of Yellowstone. I pushed myself. Normally I run 0.9 miles and walk 0.1 miles. This time I only walked during the commercials (that lasted anywhere from 30 - 60 seconds). I ran at 1% incline and 4.2 speed. When I walked, it was at 2.5. I did walk a tenth of a mile at the end of the first episode because I knew that I wouldn't be able to run from the last commercial break to the first commercial break...not yet anyway! Once I hit 6 miles I dropped my speed to 2.5 for a tenth of a mile and the final tenth was a 0% incline and 2.0. Felt great and was done in a little over 1.5 hours!

WHAT'S ON DECK FOR NEXT WEEK: I'll be hitting the grocery store twice this week because we might have some family stay with us for Christmas but we don't know yet. I want to get the majority of the things we need by Tuesday and only the last minute things on like Thursday. There are two things that could potentially derail my days. Tuesday I have to get blood work done and it is fasted. As long as I am able to make it without a headache then I should be fine to hit Costco or the grocery store afterwards and then come home and run...and then there is the possibility of snow...which could effect a possible later in the week grocery run that I might have to rely on my husband to help me out with but I am going to do my best and also give myself some grace. It's the week of Christmas y'all and it's only week 2 or my training. If I miss a run or a workout, it won't be the end of the world. For now, here is the plan for next week.

Monday: Recovery/Rest Day (Restorative yoga on Peloton)

Tuesday: 3 miles + Hills 2 (slightly different, you'll see - on treadmill)

Wednesday: Full Body Strength (on Peloton)

Thursday: 3 miles + Hills 1 (on treadmill)

Friday: Full Body Strength (possibly a LIVE Peloton class)

Saturday: 5 mile Long Run (swapped it to Saturday so I don't have to run on Christmas Day)

Sunday: 30 minute Cross Training or Rest (either a 30 min walk or a yoga class on Peloton)


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