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Night sky, cloud covered moon, dark trees behind old house with plants growing up the side. Title in a yellow color at the top, author name ab the bottom.

"We Are Not Alone In The Dark" by Ryan Hoyt, eBook, 185 pages

From GoodReads: At fifteen, Bryan's list of worries includes school, bullies, girls, and drama with his friends. That's not where it ends. An abusive felon father, a mother who disappears into her work to avoid dealing with trauma, and the family farm falling into neglect. There is something worse, though. Something that comes only at night.

As everything in his life unravels around him, Bryan must rely on his friends to help him survive for another day. But when even his closest friendships seem fleeting, Bryan finds himself trapped. Abandoned. His world has closed in around him. Another night is coming. Only one thing is certain to Bryan, even if nobody believes...He is not alone in the dark. This book comes with trigger warning for violence and abuse towards children. Please read entire warning prior to reading if there are subjects you're not comfortable with. I enjoyed this story very much. The friendship between Bryan, Mac, Howard, and Jay were giving similar vibes to kids in Stranger Things (which I love). The story is told between Bryan and Mac and it flowed great. While there is the trigger warning for violence and abuse, I appreciate that the author is able to convey those things without having to get into and give graphic detail. The author does a great job with all of his descriptions throughout the book. I don't want to give anything away so I can't give any more in depth detail but just know that he paints a great picture! The gut rating for this book started out at 4.5 but is actually a 5 star read for me. While it went a direction that I wasn't expecting, it was the author's writing that brought everything to life. I could picture everything as he described it down to the look and smell of the pond (you'll see). I definitely recommend this book especially in the fall!

5/5 Stars

2024 Reading Challenge: 21/50 complete

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