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Updated: May 19

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"Through Any Window" by Deb Richardson-Moore, eBook, 361 pages

From GoodReads: After being questioned in a murder investigation, Riley Masterson has spent eighteen months under suspicion by the sheriff’s office. Anxious to escape accusing eyes, she finally decides to leave Alabama and move to South Carolina. But Greenbrier isn’t the stabilizing influence she hopes for, as her neighborhood is slowly being gentrified, with homeless people living in the shadows of mansions. As Riley struggles to forge a new life, forces are gathering in the tension-plagued neighborhood as glitzy new homes rise beside crumbling mill houses, and everyone is able and willing to peer into a neighbor’s window. When a ghastly crime occurs, an unexpected victim is caught in the crossfire. Are the deaths personal or the result of rich and poor living in such proximity? Will Riley take the blame, as someone seems to have so meticulously planned?

The biggest reason for my rating is that each chapter stated the focus on a specific character. Like it was being told by that character. This is not my favorite way to read. It was crazy to me when 5 chapters in we were reading from 4 different characters perspectives and then we got 5th one added in later. I honestly feel like this would have been a 4 star read for me had each chapter not started with a character's name.

The story held my attention at times but being distracted by the multiple perspectives just threw me off the whole time. I feel like the author was writing multiple story lines like you would see in a tv show or movie and some of it led me to think in the end that there was some unnecessary details added that really didn't need to be included.

Overall this warrants a 3.5/5 star rating from me.

3.5/5 Stars

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