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Second Half Marathon Training Has Started!

I can't believe that it's finally here! My first week of training is officially done and in the books! I'm using the Bird Coaching app for my training this time. It was offered for free when signing up so of course I took advantage of it! This training is mileage base instead of endurance based like my Rushmore training. I'm also training in 12 weeks instead of 16 weeks. I'm excited to see which one I prefer! What I enjoy about this app is that I can see all 12 weeks of training right now, it links to my Strava account so it automatically logs my run in the app, and I have access to a coach. I can ask questions directly to him or within a training pod for all those training for the Coast Guard Half and Full Marathon and I can leave comments on my runs and he can see the info I leave. I'm also excited because I "met" a fellow CG spouse through Vacation Races FB page who will be doing this half as well and is moving up to this area this summer and one of my CG friends from my brief time in Oregon signed up and training with me! It's awesome. Not only will my family be at the finish line this time but I'll also have two friends running the race with me! Okay so let's break it down for this week. This week I had 4 running days, 1 cross training day, and 2 rest days. One of those run days was optional and could have been an extra rest day but I wanted to see how I felt at the end of week 1 and y'all...I'm feeling good! The plan is to do every run outside unless it is really cold and raining and it doesn't look like the rain is going to let up. Regardless of weather, every long run will be ran outside. The race won't be cancelled because of cold temps and rain so might as well use this time to figure out how to dress for this type of weather.



TOTAL TIME: 4h 1m 17s

Day 1 - 3 mile Recovery Run

This route I already had planned. I ran it last week for my Sunrise 5K virtual run. Only change that was made was turning around at the stop sign instead of running through it and around the cul de sac. I run down to the stop sign, cross the street and turn around, run to the main road, cross the street and turn around, run to the stop sign, cross the street and turn around, and end at my street and it's just over 3 miles. I like having this as my recovery route because I know the hills and it's not super difficult. I also want to mention that it was fucking cold. Like I kept pushing off my run because it was 26 degrees outside. By the time I finished it was 37 degrees (not much better in my opinion). It was sunny and beautiful but my sunglasses kept fogging up. If anyone has any suggestions on some inexpensive non-fogging sunglasses, let me know!

Day 2 - 5 mile Benchmark Run

I will use this route 2 more times during this training program. This is to give my coach feedback on how I am progressing. Anytime I know I need to do something that will require feedback, I like to keep my route the same so it's easier to compare. Would be hard to compare this 5 mile run to a 5 mile run on a flat surface. It would be completely different. Also, nothing like going from running in the 30s to running in the 60s. This route was new to me. It took me on a couple streets that I didn't know and had some decent hills. I used a website called Plot A Route to create this route. You can make your own routes or you can have the site make a route for you. I had it create a route based on where I was starting, how many miles I wanted to go, that I wanted it all on the road, and was running and it gave me 10 options and I picked the best one. I let the website make my long run for this week...but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Day 3 - 45 minute Cross Training

On Cross Training days, the only thing noted is that we do something to get our heart rate up. I did 15 minutes on our rower and then a 30 minute walk from the Peloton app. This 45 minutes and 1.57 miles are not included in the total time and mileage above. I am not a fan of the rowing machine. I might try it again but most likely I'll end up canning it and just doing a walk. I have the Peloton app for free until January 13th (I think) and if I don't keep it, I'll just go back to walking while watching Netflix or something...oh wait...there are some walking workouts in 30 Day Breakaway. It's audio only but that doesnt' mean I can't do it on the treadmill if I want to do it inside.

Day 4 - Rest Day

Day 5 - 3 mile Recovery Run

Y'all...I don't think Virginia knows that we are in mid December. I ran in shorts and a t-shirt for this run! It was like upper 60s! It was glorious! It also turned really cloudy and dark once I got home so I'm 100% okay with that! During the run I told myself to shoot for 3 miles in less than 40 minutes. What the info on this image from Strava doesn't tell you is that this was the total time for 3.09 miles and I walked the 0.09 miles so I finished in under 40 minutes! I also documented it in my IG reels and on TikTok (@FitnessWithMyranda for both platforms if you want to check it out).

Day 6 - 6 mile Long Run

Blurry picture, don't care! I was done! Can I just toot my horn for a second? I know it's week 1 but check out my average pace for each of these runs. Like...WHAT?!? I'm still sticking to my Mount Rushmore training time of no slower than 15 minute mile and this day was my "slowest" average at 14:14! If I can maintain this during training and for race day, I'll finish well under the 3.5 hour time...well...I'll be just over 3 hours if I maintain a 14 minute mile. Could this race actually yield a time UNDER 3 hours? Holy shit! Okay...I'm getting ahead of myself here! So this was a new route to me. Did that to myself twice this week! I drove this route right before I ran it to make sure that I knew where I was going. Plus is had me turn around on two streets without any guidance so I wanted to see it to make sure I didn't short change myself or go farther than I wanted. Oh my damn...the hills...they weren't just little rolling hills...they were like, "Oh that's going to be a nice downhill break!" Quickly followed by, "Oh shit I have to run back up that hill..." Lots of F-bombs were dropped during this run but I was shocked when I was almost 3 miles in. I even got some tree tunnel vibes while running on a narrow two lane road that is barely big enough for two cars to pass each other.

Day 7 - Prehab Rest Day

The app that I'm using for my training program included some amazing stretches like wall calf stretches, clam openers, runner lunges (which I changed to pigeon because my hips needed it) and a few others. I added in a 20 minute Peloton yoga session that focused on the hamstrings and then I did Rest Day Roll Out from 30 Day Breakaway. Y'all...I can't even describe the feeling I get when I foam roll my adductors (inner thigh). Oh feels so good!

I want to thank Idalis Velazquez. I reached out to her, let her know what I was doing and asked for her opinion on how to incorporate strength training while training for this race. She gave me some great feed back. I just realized that I forgot to do my strength training on Friday after my run but that's okay. It's only the first week! She said to add in 1-2 days on easy run days (this would be my recovery run days) and to add in some dynamic stretching and foam rolling at least 1 time during the week. She let me know her favs from 30 Day Breakaway and I'm so grateful that she responded! Moving forward, I'm planning to add in the strength training on Mondays and Fridays as these are my recovery run days through all 12 weeks. These will be total body workouts and be 20-30 minutes. This week I did one total body workout but I added in some foam rolling sessions on some of the run days. I also used some of Peloton's pre run and post run stretches and I have found my favorites! They're both 10 minutes and my legs and body feel great afterwards. I was also using my Theragun Pro before and after my runs on my legs and ankles but the batteries are both dead and my tiny human has lost my charger. Little monster gets into everything! I'm also using my air compression leg massagers every day, twice a day if I remember to.

I'm working with my dietitian to make sure that I'm eating properly before and after my runs and eating properly to refuel my body for my next run. This is something that I'm struggling with but I feel like I did okay this week. Could have done better but I'm not upset about it. I'm trying to write everything down but I'm failing at that this week. I'll try to do better moving forward so I can share it with her when I go to my appointments.

WHAT'S ON DECK FOR NEXT WEEK? This is going to be new compared to my Mount Rushmore series. Like I said, I have access to all 12 weeks of training so here is where I'll tell you what is part of my training program and what extras I plan to add on (all these will come from either the Peloton app or Beachbody On Demand/BODi). I'll add in foam rolling every day depending on how my body feels. Some days I have it written in but the other days it'll either be full, upper, or lower body only.

Monday: 3 mile Recovery Run (optional rest day)

Tuesday: 4 mile Tempo Run

Wednesday: 45 minute Cross Training (45 minute Peloton Hike)

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: 3 mile Recovery Run (optional rest day only if run completed on Monday)

Saturday: 7 mile Long Run Sunday: Rest Day (stretches included in app)

Monday I'll add Total Body Badass from Morning Meltdown 100 (from Mini Meltdown week).

Tuesday I'll add Corrective Ankles from 645.

Wednesday I'll add in yoga from the Peloton app. Depending on how my body feels will determine which session I pick.

Thursday I'll add in a yoga session from either Peloton or the Beachbody Yoga Studio (depending on how my body feels) and Rest Day Roll Out from 30 Day Breakaway.

Friday I'll add Full Body Tempo from 4 Weeks of The Prep. Saturday I'll add Corrective Ankles from 645 and Roll and Release from 80 Day Obsession.

Sunday I'll add Rest Day Roll Out from 30 Day Breakaway.

I'm so excited to share this experience with y'all again!


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