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Road To Mount Rushmore!

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Y'all...I am going to turn this into a series! I will do my best to publish at least every Monday with an update...but it may be on Tuesdays (like today). If you don't follow me on IG (make sure that you have a birthday included in your profile as I have an age restriction...I mean it is a business page) and if we're not friends on Facebook then you don't know that I took the leap of faith and I signed up for my very first HALF MARATHON!

Let me rewind a little bit. So I honestly did not go back and look at any of my previous posts to see if I've mentioned this before so if this is a repeat...stick with me. I know I don't have a lot of content to go through but I'm a mom of an almost 3 year old hell child that goes through most of my days with one eye open and gripping that last tiny bit of sanity by the pinky! Was that too dramatic? Oh well!

Many, many moons ago I was a runner. I had a love/hate relationship with running from ages 16 - 18. This meant that I loved how my body looked from running but I hated to do it...but I was a teenage girl with two younger sisters at home, all the teenage angst, and my only release were those 25 minutes that I ran 3 miles (damn I was fast) and listened to my Papa Roach "Infest" album (I said angst...).

I joined the Coast Guard right out of high school. During one of our training runs before our 1.5 mile "for time" run, our sister company was watching us run and as I'm rounding a turn on the track I hear one of their CCs (Company Commanders) tell the recruits to check out my form. Not gonna was a tiny stroke to my ego (since my dad told me at 9 years old that I ran like Olive Oyl). The list came out of where we could get stationed and I put down all land billets in the southeast US.

Why join a sea-going service if you want to stay on land?

I wanted to continue running. It was the best way I knew to stay in shape and how in the world was that going to happen if I was on a cutter? Well...I got stationed on a San Francisco...a 13 hour drive from home. Definitely not the southeast US which would have been the farthest from home. I wanted to see the country...not be on the same coast and time zone I grew up in.

Okay...this is becoming my life forward to 2012. My mom and I signed up for the Survivor Mud Run. A little more than a 5K with a bunch of obstacles and we had so much fun. We did the Color Run 5K with my sisters and my BFF Holly. I did the CMY5K color run. I did another Survivor Mud Run...completing a half marathon because a goal of mine. Then I slipped the disk in my back between my L4 and L5.

Then I tore my meniscus ( doc was sure of it but the VA took so long to get me in for an MRI that it had healed by the time I was seen) and the overcompensating threw my hips out of whack with eventually led to another slipped disk and SI Joint pain leaving me feeling completely defeated and thinking that running would never be apart of my life again.

I would like you to meet Idalis Velazquez (follow her on IG here). I know her has the first Spanish speaking Beachbody Super Trainer and the creator of the first all Spanish program Mes de Mas (this is a link to a sample workout from the program). Last July during our annual Summit (held online), Beachbody announced the very first of it's kind program to be released in October 2020...30 Day Breakaway (this is a link to a sample workout for the program). This program is a strength training AND running program! It has been designed with audio files that you can download and hit the road! No WiFi? No problem! It's saved to your phone! Have a treadmill and want to work on consistent pacing? No problem! There are treadmill runs that you can do while watching Idalis run in some beautiful areas all while she gives you the same queuing as the audio!

I immediately said YES! I wanted to get back into running and I did it! The program is 30 days and on day 30 you run a 5K. I completed my first round on November 3rd, my second round on December 3rd, took a little break through the winter to do a different program, and my 3rd round was completed on May 5th. My last round was done on the treadmill. All the training runs and the 5K. I could feel that my goal of running a half marathon was within my reach again.

Then the scroll on Facebook showed that this is the final year for the Mount Rushmore Half Marathon. From the day they announced it less than 10 years ago, I knew in my heart that I wanted to complete that run one day. I even have a goal to run 3 half marathons in a year and it was originally going to be Yellowstone, Rushmore, Tetons. I knew that there was no way I could run 3 half marathons this year, and definitely can't afford it yet, I switched out Rushmore for Saguaro and decided to do Rushmore as my very first!

I signed up and started training last Monday. I have a few pics post runs but I'll start documenting my runs better so I can share with you my training. Currently, my running schedule has me running 3 days a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I don't know what my run schedule will look like for weeks 5 - 8 because they only send out the training in 4 week blocks. A quick recap of last week's runs:

Tuesday 6/1: 20 minute easy run, 1.66 miles.

Thursday 6/3: 20 minute easy run 1.44 miles (plus a 10 minute walk home for a total of 2.07 miles)

Saturday 6/5: 20 minute easy run, 5 minute walk, 10 minute easy run (35 minutes), 2.27 miles

This week my runs are:

Today 6/8: 25 minute easy run

Thursday 6/10: 5 minute walk, 15 minute easy run, 5 minute brisk walk, 5 minute easy run

Saturday 6/12: 25 minute easy run, 5 minute brisk walk, 10 minute easy run

So I have procrastinated and it's 6:30pm and I haven't done my run yet. It's 86 degrees outside and currently feels like it's 94 degrees. I'm torn between doing my run outside or running on my treadmill. I really want to get out of the house but it's stupid hot outside...I'll have to step outside and see if I can make it 25 minutes or if I'll run with the fan on me on my treadmill!

*P.S. If you want any additional info on either of the programs I linked here or any Beachbody program, let me know in the comments or send me an email **UPDATE: I will be shutting down my Beachbody coaching business temporarily by the end of August 2021. Have no fear! I will be back! I can still answer questions but I will not be accepting new customers as a Beachbody coach until after the new year.

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