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"Pocketknife Kitty" by Shannon Riley, eBook, 117 pages

From GoodReads: Jamie is a thirty-year-old banker wedged between grief and newfound freedom. Through a domino cascade beyond her control, she winds up stuck in her suffocating hometown. The monotony is broken swiftly when, following a night of spite-fueled impulse, Jamie soon begins to undergo a rapid and gruesome transformation. She finds herself teetering on the edge of her own sanity as she pieces together if rescue will ever come for her. And if not, what is she going to do about it? Exploring themes of sexual empowerment, revenge, and loneliness, POCKETKNIFE KITTY asks the reader to explore exactly how far they’d go to save their own skin.

I have to start off by saying that I picked this book for 2 reasons. The cover is simple yet intriguing. I mean the title is Pocketknife Kitty...there is no telling WHAT this story was going to be about. The second reason was because it was short and I was looking for something short. That said, lets dive into this review.

This synopsis does not do this story justice. As women, we have this fear of the unknown one-night-stand. We want to to be fun, playful, completely anonymous but at the same time we are terrified at the thought of catching an STI or worse. I don't know what to say without giving away too many details about the book but let me say this. I was getting flash backs to watching the move "Cabin Fever"...the 2002 horror movie about some college kids getting a flesh-eating virus while staying at a cabin in the woods.

Here's the thing was right up my alley! I love gross, horrifying, and disgusting movies like that. I love thrillers, terror, and being scared. I didn't know what was going to happen in this book but I was sucked in fairly quickly! I got grossed out. I had to cover my eyes as I read the last 15% or so. I felt a physical reaction and I loved it! This was a hard and fast 5 star read for me! If you don't like gross things...then maybe skip this one but it was so good!

5/5 Stars

2024 Reading Challenge: 23/50 complete


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