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Life Update

It has been a crazy few months! I kind of fell off the planet here back in June. We put our family dog down at the end of June, I lost my job at the end of July, my stepsons went back home at the beginning of August, my daughter started kindergarten, I spent most of September laid up due to back issues, and now we're at the end of October and I have been kind of training for the (virtual) Space Force T-Minus 10 Miler for the last 3 weeks. Oh and I cannot seem to find legit jobs to apply for and even though I'm applying I haven't received ANYTHING from unemployment meaning I have not had any source of income since my last paycheck at the beginning of August.

Phew! Now that I just word vomited all of that, I need to save this draft and come back to it maybe later today but most likely I'll come back to it in the next week maybe when I've finished reading my book for book club because I'm like 25% through it and book club is on the 28th (and it is currently 10.22). It's not that I'm not enjoying the book that I picked out, I just have poor time management and have been going to bed super tired and haven't been able to read much. Okay. I gotta get ready for a run and pick up groceries so let's see when I finish this!

It is now Monday, 11.13. As far as book club goes, I was about 85% done with the book when we had our discussion. I was trying to knock it out before hand but my Kindle died because of course I hadn't been charging it! I finally finished the book last night and now I have to wait for my mom to get up on the West Coast so I can call her with the WTF happened at the end! I am intrigued enough to get the sequel when it comes out in January because I have to know HOW this whole thing is going to play out.

I finally ran my Air Force 10K yesterday. I can now wear my medal and shirt with pride. It was a little slower than I wanted but I know that running is a process but according to RunKeeper it was my 2nd fastest 10K with the fastest being in 2020 when I was also 30 pounds lighter!

Black background with white text indicating race title, distance, and time.

I finally got my unemployment stuff figured out and started getting paid. It was a huge relief when I woke up on Saturday 11.4 to see the money was pending in my account. Oh and speaking of Saturday 11.4...

Two women sitting in the grass with mugs of hot cider after a 5K race.

My friend and I ran in the Hot Cider Hustle 5K at National Harbor. A few things to note about this particular morning and event. I needed to get gas before I headed out in the morning. It's about a 45-60 minute drive from my house so I stopped on my way out of town. I tripped over the fuel hose and smashed my left knee into the concrete that the pump sits on, my right knee hit the ground meaning my hips were wonky upon impact, I was launched forward and smashed my right hand into the ground and the only thing that kept my face from meeting concrete was that I slammed into the concrete post next to the pump with the left side of my head/neck/shoulder. It hurt so bad and I wanted to cry but I just couldn't. It was 6:30am, a few people were at the gas station but it was Saturday morning so I don't think anyone actually saw me. It wasn't until I got home that I confirmed I wasn't bleeding everywhere!

I told my friend that I wanted to take it nice and easy because of my fall and because it was a fun run. Now the race started at 8:30am but we didn't actually cross the start line until almost 8:45am. We didn't even make it a half mile and people were crossing the finish line for the 5K already. She kept mentioning how there were a lot of runners and she isn't a runner but y'all when I tell you that she left me to eat her dust I am not kidding! I'm watching her run up and down the hill and again want to cry but can't because I am SO FREAKIN PROUD. We got our mugs, water, cider, and caramel apples and sat on the wet grass and I told her how proud I was and that regardless of what she thinks, she is a runner!

She did ask me at the car when we were leaving when our next race was going to be because this was addicting! I told her any time she wants to meet up and run on a weekend we can!

I'm still applying for jobs and not getting any responses. My husband did buy me a new chair for my desk so I can hopefully spend more time trying to come up with posts for the website and work on my writing skills. If I spend any length of time in my chair my back is killing me!

Oh and I'll be sharing my completed afghans soon with y'all and I'm super excited that I was picked to be part of an ARC (Advance Reader Copy) Team for an Indie Author. She has written a 4 book series with book 4 ARC coming out in January and she GAVE those of us who were selected to be on her team the first three books. I started book 1 last night and aside from my Kindle turning the font gray, I'm hooked! I will definitely be leaving reviews on my GoodReads and in my All The Books section once I finish each one!

Not sure what is going to come next but hopefully something later this week!

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