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Half Marathon Training Week 8

Y'all I am trying so hard to stay on top of these post and while I haven't meal planned or prepped anything for my training for week 9, I'll try to have some meals or recipes to share with y'all next week. If you remember from my recap of weeks 6 and 7 a few days ago, my daughter and I got home and have spent this week dealing with our travel hangover and getting back into our routines at home. That means no meal planning or prepping took place this week either. Let's just recap the training for this week. THE TRAINING Total Running Time: 3 hours 11 minutes Total Miles: 14.1 miles

Back to running on the treadmill and watching Netflix while running! While watching Fear Street 1666 I did a 45 minute easy run at 4.2 on the treadmill for 3.71 miles. Also, if you haven't watched the 3-part Fear Street series on Netflix, I highly recommend it. I've never read the original series (kinda want to now), it definitely gave me some Goosebumps vibes. Anyway, this run was a painful reminder of my fartlek run from a couple days before and my shins were starting to hurt during this run.

I hated every minute of this run. This 56 minute run was terrible. One of the worst ones so far in my opinion. I started and ended this run with a 10 minute easy run at 4.2. Between those I had 4 sets of 6 minute fast/3 minute easy runs. My first set I did my fast speed at 5.2 but it was too fast so I dropped it to 5.0 for the remaining 3 sets. My shins were starting to hurt a lot and I ended up having to pause to take a few breaks after each fast set. What does that mean? After my first 6 minute fast run at 5.2, I hit stop on my treadmill and caught my breath for about 20-30 seconds and then I went into my easy pace. After my next fast run at 5.0, I paused again for 20-30 seconds to stretch my legs and catch my breath. I did that for the remainder of the run and that helped me to finish. I don't think I would have been able to actually finish if I hadn't. I managed to get in 4.42 miles in for this run.

Y'all I ran outside! This was a long run. 70 minute easy run to be exact. I knew that it was going to be hard. I knew I was going to hate it. I knew that I didn't leave early enough because it was hot and humid and blah. I knew that I needed to do it though because I need to run hills and I had quite a few of them in the route I had planned. What I hadn't planned was how much I was going to be sucking wind and having to walk. This just means that I need to keep training outside. This weather just gives me more of a reason to make sure that I get my butt out of bed first thing in the morning and get my run in!

Final run of the week. Took entirely too long to get outside to run which probably was a good thing. By that I mean I would have ran entirely too fast for this 20 minute very easy run. On my write out of my runs, I had written that I would run at 3.9 on the treadmill. When I started out, I thought Nah...I'll do 4.0 but once I got started I quickly dropped it down to 3.7 and knocked out 1.37 miles. I didn't realize how long my runs were this week, the speed plays that I was going to do, or how many miles I was going to log! This is the most number of miles I have ever logged in a week! I am officially halfway through my training! Over the weekend I set up my calendar for the next 8 weeks. By that I mean I put the place holders in so I can fill in the actual activities once I get the training emails. I do have the final week's run schedule though. Since I'll be driving out to Rushmore that week, I reached out to the person who emails out the training schedules to find out what the training is like that week. It's funny. People chimed in with their opinions on what to do the week leading up to the race but I tagged the person who has created the training program that I'm following so while I appreciated their feedback I just wanted to know what our actual training was going to be like. It's not too bad. I think it's two runs, race day and then a run/walk the day after. I could even do one of the runs before I even leave instead of having a rest day.


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