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Half Marathon Training Week 6 & 7

Hey y'all! I'm back! I'm working on my recaps. No recipes in this post or for next week because I haven't been home or meal planning. Getting back into the groove when you get back from a vacation/trip is rough especially when there is a 3 hour time zone change. I am writing this towards the end of week 8 training so some of my memories of my runs may not be completely accurate but I'm going to do my best! THE TRAINING (Week 6) Total Running Time: 2 hours 8 minutes Total Miles: 9.95 miles

Gearing up to travel and getting my last run on the treadmill before I have to run on the road. This run was a 35 minute run. Started with a 5 minute easy run at 4.2, followed by a 20 minute steady run at 4.5, and ended with a 10 minute easy run at 4.2 giving me a total of 2.5 miles. At this point I've been running with no incline. I am about to find out how big of a mistake that is!

Here's my first run outside in weeks! Boy did I learn real quick that I cannot judge accurately my pace on the pavement! This was a 38 minute run but I went way too fast. It was supposed to be 5 minute easy run, 5 minute fast/2 minute very easy (x3), 10 minute easy run, 2 minute walk. I turned my "very easy" pace to a walk but I did (I think) 2.5 laps along the main road of my mom's neighborhood to total 3.18 miles. I just had to keep telling myself during my easy runs to SLOW DOWN and breathe! this point this was my longest run. 55 minute easy run. Unfortunately I still had issues figuring out my pace on the pavement. I should have been running at about a 14:15/mile pace but I was more at a tempo pace of 13:06. I ended at 4.27 miles with an average pace of 12:40/mile. Oddly enough, I had my goal to reach the other main road at my halfway point (and I did) but I didn't realize how fast I was going to have to run to meet that turn around point. I did slow down to get my breathing in check and I was singing along to my music to make sure I was still able to talk and I admit it...I sprinted the last like 45 seconds to make sure I got back to my starting point at the 55 minute mark! THE TRAINING ( Week 7) Total Running Time: 1 hour 30 minutes Total Miles: 9.68 miles

This run was way later in the day than I wanted but I had just finished my warm up when my daughter woke up and no one else was up so my run was put on hold. We drove down to see my dad and stepmom for the afternoon so my run waited until I got home. I mapped out my course and determined that this run was possible. 40 minute run with a 5 minute easy run, 25 minute steady run, and 10 minute easy run. WHO'S IDEA WAS IT TO RUN THOSE HILLS??? I had to walk a few times and ended up walking a lot of the final 10 minutes but I managed to finish at my starting point giving me a total of 3.07 miles!

My week got a little screwy. With my sister's wedding approaching and we had so much to do before hand, I missed a run. What I did was remove the 20 minute very easy run from my list of runs and I did my 30 minute run in it's pace. It was the run I was supposed to do on Thursday but I did it on Friday. 5 minute easy run, 15 minute tempo, 10 minute easy. I had to cut the final portion of my run to 9 minutes preworkout was messing with my stomach that day and I walked a lot of that run to keep from messing in my pants (was the polite enough). I managed to get 2.21 miles in through my mom's neighborhood and it was my final run in Washington. I gotta say...I miss the weather! It was great running weather.

And I'm back home running on the treadmill. This run included a run called "Fartlek" which is Swedish for "speed play". I decided to do this on the treadmill so I could control my speed and add incline since I seriously need to start including hills in my runs if I don't do them outside. I did some Google searching for ideas on how to create my own fartlek and I think I did an okay job.

Looking back I could have done 20 minutes using the Fartlek Picante run from 30 Day Breakaway (check out the sample here) but instead of cooling down just repeat half of it. Regardless I think I did really good! This 1 hour run (yeah...60 freakin minutes) started and ended with a 15 minute easy run at 4.3. You can see my blocks and speeds that I played with. You might even be able to see in the parts that I scribbled out what my original intention was but I changed it based on how I was feeling in the moment! 4.4 miles later, I was done! Okay. Now that I've procrastinated and wrote this post, it's time for me to hit the road, in the heat and humidity, for my long run. 70 minutes. You'll have to wait until early next week to read about that!

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