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Half Marathon Training Week 2

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

I got knocked down at the end of last week. Our house got hit hard with a summer bug. My husband got some nasty sinus infection that had him down and out for about 2 days but then the rest of us caught something that has had us coughing or sneezing for coming up on 6 days. I managed to get my runs in but outside of that...not much else.

Here's a recap of week 2!

Total Running Time: 1 hour 35 minutes

Total Miles: 6.24 miles

I did all my running on the treadmill last week. I was not able to get up early enough to run outside so the fan became my best friend. Tuesday was a 25 minute easy run at 4.0 and ran 1.71 miles.

Thursday was a little tricky. It was a 5 minute walk (3.2), 15 minute easy run (4.0), 5 minute brisk walk (3.7), and 5 minute easy run (4.0) and ran a total of 1.89 miles. I also reconfigured some storage boxes so that I had a platform for my iPad. Now I can watch a show, have the sound come out of my treadmill speakers AND see my time on the treadmill so I know when I need to make speed changes. This was the day everyone started to feel icky. By the end of the day, I had my meal plan figured out and had a sore throat.

Got my run in on Saturday while the house was still asleep, before I picked up my groceries and before I started to feel like garbage! I did a 25 minute easy run (4.0), 5 minute brisk walk (3.7), 10 minute easy run (4.0) for a total of 2.64 miles. By the end of the day, everything from my nose up was stuffed and congested and I only got worse on Sunday! I didn't move from the couch much at all on Sunday. I watched the scale move up and down all week only to weigh in on Monday at the same weight as last Monday. I'm still at a weight loss from when I started this new tracker and my training so that is a plus but I'm struggling because I didn't prep anything. That will be a task for tomorrow! Are y'all interested in seeing what I'm eating? I don't mind sharing. I've been sharing some of what I'm eating in my stories on Instagram but haven't been sharing everything. I can share some of my favorites from that week and go from there.


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