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Half Marathon Training Week 14

Well...this is going to be a super short read. I hurt myself. Unintentionally of course but none the less I have an injury. I refuse to push through the pain because I am too old for that. I'm also old enough to know that there are types of pain to push through and types of pain that require you to slow down or stop! If you look back at the last two weeks I mentioned a butt cramp during my long runs...both around miles 4 or 5. Well after last week's 115 minute long run of 8 miles, the "cramp" stuck around for a few days. Like Tuesday it hurt to walk and move.

I went to the doctor on Thursday and after poking down my lower back, tailbone and my butt cheek, I was told I have inflammation in my SI joint. This is something I have experience with but thankfully this time it is not accompanied by a slipped disk and pinched nerve. I've been told to rest, take a strong anti-inflammatory medication and a muscle relaxer. Since my appointment was early enough in the morning and the wait at the pharmacy was less than 20 minutes, I was able to start my regimen that morning. Oh yeah...and ice...which I have not done yet.

We talked it over and she said, depending on how I feel, I could start some gentle stretching and foam rolling by the weekend or early next week. I'm writing this from my kitchen table on Sunday afternoon and I think I'll add some stretching starting tomorrow. I've also looked up stretches for SI joints's a don't really stretch the joints right? I found that the common stretches include stretching the hamstrings, quads, hip adductors, lower TAs, hip flexors, and knee-to-chest single leg isometric stretch. Do you know where the SI joint is?

Image courtesy of Brace Ability (found via Google Image Search)

SI Joint is the abbreviation of Sacroiliac Joint. If you can't tell from the picture, it is the joint that connects the Iliac Bone (hip bone) to your Coccyx (tailbone). All those stretches I mentioned involve muscles that wrap around this area and directly effect movement of these joints. These stretches, when done gently, and foam rolling the lower body and even the back can help keep these joints healthy!

While I'm going to take this time to rest, I have determined that I am going to cancel the remaining training runs. If I feel okay enough, I will attempt my 130 minute long run that should have happened yesterday by mid week next week. If I don't feel like I can run it, I'll try walking on the treadmill. If I feel even the slightest bit of discomfort I will stop and just rest until race day.

Yes...I'm still going! Even if I have to walk the whole thing I will complete it and I will have a medal showing that I completed the Mount Rushmore Half Marathon. If you would like to cheer me on and follow me while I run, download the app RaceJoy. Click Featured Races or Race Calendar, find South Dakota and select Mount Rushmore Half Marathon 9/18/2021 - Keystone. You'll go to My Races, select PhoneTrak and under Spectators you'll select I Want to Track Someone. Type my name Myranda McCaffrey-Nowak, select me when I pop up and then follow the prompts to complete. Once the race starts you'll get stats on where I am and you'll be able to send virtual cheers!

RaceJoy app image

Thank you for all of your support through this journey! Can't wait to see how I am able to move this week. Oh yeah...and I also have booked all of my hotels for my drive out to SD as well as coming home. I'll talk a little bit more about that next week!


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