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Half Marathon Training Week 12

I missed another short recovery run this week. I didn't have to miss it but I allowed the excuses to take over. I didn't have a sports bra to run in. I could have done laundry that would lead to a clean one but instead I focused on bedding...while that needed to get done, I could have done one regular load that would have given me a sports bra to wear for at least the 25 minute run but I procrastinated and missed it. Let's recap! THE TRAINING

Total Running Time: 3 hours 25 minutes

Total Miles: 14.56 miles

I forgot to take a selfie when I finished this run so I snagged this screen shot from my watch. I know I've mentioned this before in my stories on Instagram but when I'm running at one pace on the treadmill, the distance on my watch and the treadmill are usually the same even if the time ends up being off (which I still don't understand). 50 minute easy run at 4.2 on the treadmill for 3.48 miles. Also...have I mentioned that I hate running these longer runs on the treadmill at one pace? Really anything over 30 minutes is just torture. I'm training for a half marathon that requires me to train in the damn summer in the heat and humidity. I would call myself sick and sadistic! But I keep going!

This tempo run went a little backwards. I was supposed to focus on easy pace downhill but I did it a little backwards. 10 minute easy pace at 4.2 with incline of 0, 15 minute tempo run (5 minutes at 4.9 with incline of 3, 5 minutes at 3.5 with incline of 9, and 5 minutes at 4.9 with incline of 3), 5 minute easy run that I changed on the fly to a walk at 3.0 with incline of 0, 10 minute tempo run (5 minutes at 4.9 with incline of 3, 5 minutes at 3.5 with incline of 9), and 10 minute easy pace at 4.2 with incline of 0 for a total of 50 minutes and 3.44 miles. I realized afterward that I should have gone the other way...walked first at the steep incline and then run at the lower incline. Even though I didn't follow what I was supposed to do, playing with the incline is definitely needed! Oh yeah...and I restarted Stranger Things because I haven't watched in a long time!

Like I said at the beginning, I got to Saturday and I had to do laundry because I didn't have a sports bra. I took my sweet time and it got to be Saturday night and I still didn't have two that I could double up to even get in the 25 minute run. So Sunday came and if I have to miss a training run, it will always be the 25 minute recovery run. This was 105 minutes with focus on easy efforts going downhill. I mapped out my run using my husband's app and got so excited because the route I created ended up being 7.12 miles! I thought YEAH! I'll finish a block or so away from the house and get my recovery walk in and be home. However I got to the point where I was supposed to turn right to head home and I should have been a little over 6.5 miles and I hadn't even hit 5 miles. I wanted to cry! I got a cramp at the top of my left butt cheek around mile 4 and I was ready to head home but I turned left. I got to a point when I thought to myself slow down have 20 minutes need to make sure that when you turn right at the stop light you have less than 10 minutes left. I get to the bottom of that hill and make my turn and I had 15 minutes left. I went up into the neighborhood and came back down and tried to slow down but I got to my street and still had 4 minutes left so I cried on the inside and kept going. I ended up almost a quarter mile from my house and walked back. I let myself just run, walk when needed, and what should have been a 7 mile run I ended at 7.64 miles.


So I don't really have any recipes to share yet but here's kind of a snapshot of some of my favorites from last week's meal plan!

I'm recipe testing this week and have a few special recipes I've created coming out in the next couple weeks so stay tuned!


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