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Half Marathon Training Week 10

This was a tough week! I did all runs except one outside. That's why it was tough! Hills...all the freakin hills! Why do I have to live in a neighborhood filled with hills?! husband bought a bike and made a deal with a friend of his that he would ride every day and even he won't ride some of the routes that I run because of the hills! Now onto the recap!

THE TRAINING Total Running Time: 3 hours 2 minutes Total Miles: 12.89

This run was hard for a couple reasons. It was hot outside. My husband left this fan on after his bike ride and I spent a few minutes standing there just cooling off. This was a 45 minute easy run. I think I've started running outside enough that I'm able to determine when I'm not going my easy pace and can pull back appropriately. I didn't quite make it home before the 45 minutes was up so I walked the remaining 0.3 miles but I ran for a total of 3.2 miles. I also decided to add in a side street in that ended up being flat and a great way to catch my breath before that final push to get home.

This run was a 10 minute easy run to warm up and cool down and between I did 8 rounds of 2 minutes fast/2 minutes easy. I wrote out my times on my arm again (see below) but made a spur of the moment decision. I walked the last minute of my warm up mostly because I was going up a hill. I decided then that I was going to split up my 2 minutes easy into walking and easy running pace. Initially I thought I would do the first four sets walking 1.5 minutes and running 30 seconds and then the last four sets walk for 30 seconds and run 1.5 minutes but I ended up doing the former. I ran a total of 3.93 miles.

This is the last time I'll be writing out my run on the inside of my arm. Too many times I almost wiped it off with my sweat!

This ended up being my last run of the week. So what had happened was it rained like crazy on Saturday and I was waiting for the rain to stop to go for my run. I decided that I would try during a break and do my 25 minute run. Next thing I knew, my daughter was asleep and it was 9:30pm. I put her to bed and was getting ready to knock it out on the treadmill when my daughter walked out of her room and was awake for the next several hours. I ended up skipping it and went into my 85 minute easy run on Sunday. A little bummed that it's the second training run that I missed but as much as I wanted to skip the actually scheduled training run, I knew that I needed the long runs. So I went in the heat and humidity and ended my run about a half mile from home. I also ended my run without any water. I almost called my husband to come pick me up but I made it home. 85 minutes lead to a total of 5.76 miles.

I don't have any recipes to share this week and probably none for next week but I'll be working on some for the future.


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