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Coast Guard Semper Paratus Challenge 2023 Training Week 4

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

I am attempting to plan out my workout by Sunday at the latest for the following week. I'll try to include those in these posts at the top for the reminder because they may not always be picked out by the time I do my recap. I am trying to write each day or every other day to make sure I can consistently post the recaps on the same day of the week and at the same time. Moving forward I'll note if I created a stack of workouts on the Peloton app or if I'm going to attempt a live class! If you have a Peloton account and want to cheer each other on, my user name is Myranda84! REMINDER OF WHAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO Monday: Recovery/Rest Day (30 min Restorative Yoga - stack)

Tuesday: 3 miles + Hills 2

Wednesday: 20 min Cross Training + Full Body Strength (20 min Shadowboxing + 20 min Bodyweight Strength - both live)

Thursday: 4 miles

Friday: Full Body Strength (30 min Full Body Strength - stack)

Saturday: 2 miles

Sunday: 8 mile Long Run



TOTAL TIME: 3h 05m 58s

Day 1 - 30 minute Restorative Yoga

This particular session just might have been my favorite yet! It was the first time I got everything in place (see my set up) to comfortably lay back in Reclining Bound Angle Pose and feel stable! It felt amazing and so soothing. Now to add to my list to get an actual bolster and some matching yoga blocks that are the same size...and haven't been chewed on my a child or shot at with a pen/pencil...and a thick yoga mat! And yeah I did this yoga in my jammies!

Day 2 - 3 miles + Hills 2

I think Hills 2 is my favorite of the two. That said, I didn't really want to run this day which is why it didn't get done until about 8:30pm. When I started, the belt felt like it was slipping. I tightened the belt and added some oil which meant I had to walk the first 5 minute. I don't remember if I walked at 2.0 or 2.5. At the 5 minute mark I started my run. Bumped the incline to 1% and speed to 4.1. I watched an episode of Yellowstone and walked the commercials at 2.5 speed. When I got to 2.2 miles, I walked until I got to the next whole minute and then started my hills. 8 sets, 7% incline at 6.5 for 20 seconds, 1% incline at 2.5 for 40 seconds. When I finished my final hill I took an extra minute to walk and then ran to the 3 mile mark. I dropped incline to 0% and walked 0.1 miles at 2.0.

Day 3 - 20 min Bodyweight Strength + 10 min Shadowboxing

I didn't make it to either class live and wasn't feeling 40 minutes of working out so I did the 20 minute bodyweight strength class that I missed and then added a 10 minute shadowboxing class instead of the 20 minute class. I crushed the strength class. I still have a negative mindset when it comes to my ability to do Bear Crawls. The shadowboxing class was fun. I really need to do one of these classes live. It was reminding me of my Core de Force training and 10 Rounds.

Day 4 - Rest Day

This wasn't planned. I was fully ready to do a run/walk for the 4 miles instead of running all 4 miles but I had this weird feeling in my shins and ankles. It wasn't pain and nothing hurt but something just felt off so I opted to rest. I had all intentions of stretching or doing a hip mobility class but around 1pm I got hit with extreme exhaustion. I was barely able to keep my eyes open and fell asleep around 9pm.

Day 5 - 30 min Full Body Strength

I used 20s, 15s and 10s with 8s on the side just in case. My arms and shoulders were on FIRE. I attempted to do Bird Dog in high plank. I did a few but ended up dropping to my knees. I followed the trainers lead for weights but ended the workout with 8s because my arms were jello!

Day 6 - 2 miles

This went very different than a normal 2 mile run. I opted to walk. Now you might be thinking Myranda...your treadmill only has 1.09 miles and you said 2 miles. You're right. I walked 1.09 miles on the treadmill at a 0% incline and 2.5 speed but earlier in the afternoon I took my daughter to a trail about 20 minutes from our house and had her work on riding her bike. My goal is to have her riding fast enough that I can take her with me on my long runs so I don't have to rearrange my training schedule on the weekends when my husband wants to go hunting. I'm still not sure how we walked 0.63 miles from the car, turned around, got back to the car and went a total distance of 0.91 miles. Since I didn't run these miles, I'm not counting the time or the mileage in the weekly total.

Day 7 - 8 mile Long Run

Not a single cell in my body wanted to do this run which is why it took so long to finish. I set out at 1% incline and 4.1. I had so many walk breaks and my legs just didn't want to. I ended up doing my walk breaks at 2.0 instead of 2.5. I tried to speed myself up which just lead to more and longer walk breaks. I made it through almost 3 episodes of Yellowstone and the first episode I stuck to walking only the commercials but the next episode only had 2 breaks and the final episode only had 1. It was brutal. I finally finished after wanting to give up at mile 4, 5, and 7 but I did it! I finished!

WHAT'S ON DECK FOR NEXT WEEK: I am 100% for certain going to start work! I just need the login password to access the remote server and then need my co-worker to reset my password for access to the software. It sounds complicated but I'm hoping and praying that it takes only 10 minutes tops so I can start working. I'm sick of looking at this laptop and not getting to use it! I don't think the coming week will be too bad. Long run is short, no workout runs just easy runs. I'm also adding in some extra yoga or meditations on days when I run to keep my Peloton streak going.

Monday: Recovery/Rest Day (30 min Restorative Yoga - Stack)

Tuesday: 4 miles (15 min Relaxing Meditation - Live)

Wednesday: Full Body Strength (30 min Full Body Strength - Stack)

Thursday: 3 miles (20 min Reset Yoga - Live)

Friday: Full Body Strength (30 min Full Body Strength - Live)

Saturday: 3 miles or Rest (10 min Calming Meditation - Live)

Sunday: 5 mile Long Run (30 min Slow Flow Yoga - Live)


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