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Coast Guard Semper Paratus Challenge 2024 Training Week 1

I can't believe it's time to start training again! I'm doing the challenge again this year meaning I'm running the 5K and the Half. First difference is that race weekend is the first weekend of April instead of March. This is also the first year (I think) that the 5K will be Saturday morning and the half/full marathon will be Sunday morning. This should mean better weather. They have also opened up satellite 5K runs all over the country, a kid 1K fun run after the in person 5K in E-City, and there are still virtual options if you can't make it in person (check it out here and sign up). I was on the fence about sharing weekly updates BUT I kind of do this for me anyway so I'm going to continue to share.

I'm following the same training plan that I did last year. It's the Beginner Half Marathon 12 week training plan found in "Run to the Finish" by Amanda Brooks (follow her on IG if you enjoy running content). My goal is to do as much running outside as I can and only run on the treadmill if it's below freezing, snowing, or raining really hard. Race won't be cancelled if there is some rain so I should try and get some wet runs in. I have a few new spots on the trail that I want to do my long runs on. I have a spot for hill repeats. There's another trail that I think is a little over 2 miles so I might give that a go on easy run days that don't have any workouts involved. I guess it's time to get into it!


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TOTAL MILES: 3.06 miles

TOTAL TIME: 48m 02s

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I promise that I'll get back into taking pictures but nothing was taken this week!

Day 1 - Hip Mobility & Restorative Yoga Since this is day 1 of week 1, this is definitely a stretch day. Moving forward, I want to make sure I'm including foam rolling and my Theragun as part of my recovery days. For now, I opted for some restorative yoga and hip mobility. I cleaned/scrubbed my bathroom and cleaned my bedroom before doing my workouts. I kept it nice and easy and felt great going into my first run of the training cycle.

Day 2 - 3 miles It started snowing Monday evening. School got cancelled for my little one, but she woke up in the middle of the night and puked everywhere so we did not go outside and play. I woke up with a massive sinus headache and finally gave in and used my netipot and thought it had helped because my headache was gone. We went to the neighbor's house for a little while because my kid was fine (I think she's about to go through a growth spurt) and when we got home, I jumped on the treadmill. I was nervous since it's the first time I've ran on it since the motor went out last February. Every little smell or slip of the belt has me freaking out.

I managed to get my 3 miles done and started to do my hills. Did you notice that's not listed for Day 2? Yeah it's because I increased the incline to 8%, bumped up my speed to 6.0 and started my timer for 10 seconds once I got up to speed. I dropped my speed and incline...but only my speed dropped. I cut the treadmill off and started doing some digging. Long story short, I called customer service, they emailed me a video on how to reset/calibrate the incline motor and now it works. I was so fuming I just walked away once I saw it was good to go. I figured that it would be good to go on Thursday for my next run.

Day 3 thru 7 - Rest Day While I'm sure most people feel great relief when using a netipot, I feel like it makes my sinus issues worse! After using the netipot twice on Tuesday, I woke up feeling so stuffed up that the thought of doing anything where my head could potentially drop below my shoulders sounded awful. I didn't even want to do restorative yoga in the event I was in some form of child's pose or lay flat on my back. I kept using the netipot 1-2 times a day hoping that it would clear up this pressure but no dice. I spent most of Friday with tissues stuffed up my nose, slept most of Saturday and Sunday, which definitely pissed me off but oh well.

WHAT'S ON DECK FOR NEXT WEEK: While my sinus pressure is still in full swing, I am going to attempt my workouts this week, if anything, stick to my workouts and maybe walk on my run days if I can't breathe. Depending on how much of this snow is still laying around, maybe I'll try to get at least my long run done outside since the weather report looks decent!

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