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Coast Guard Half Marathon Training Week 6

As predicated, all runs were done on my treadmill this week. We did get snow but it wasn't as much as forecasted so that is a plus! This week was fun. This week had 2 hill runs and was also the first week where Thursday was no longer a rest day but a run day. I played with my speeds and while there were some days that I absolutely hated that specific run, I woke up Sunday morning and I felt great! I had completed every run on the scheduled day this week! Let's get to the recap!


TOTAL TIME: 5h 2m 35s

Day 1 - 3 mile Recovery Run/Optional Rest Day

I attempted to shorten my walking duration to only 0.05 miles and run 0.45 miles but my calves were feeling weird. They didn't hurt exactly and they weren't super sore but I needed that whole 0.1 mile walk so my first mile was 0.05 walk at 3.0 and run 0.45 run at 4.6. For miles 2 and 3 I walked 0.1 and ran 0.4 but kept the speed the same. I did this whole run at a 1% incline. Feedback from my coach was to do some extra stretching and foam rolling on my calves that night and the next morning and if it starts to hurt during my run to stop. Also, I did not watch Gilmore Girls during my run. I was actually watching The Forest (a scary movie) until I realized that during a particularly scary scene that my daughter was watching. I can't describe the look on her face but it was basically like I can't hear what's going on but that's scary looking (I had my earbuds in so she couldn't hear the movie). I was in the process of finding something else to watch when I realized that the run was over.

Day 2 - 3 mile Hill Run

Hello Gibbs! I love watching NCIS...a little irritated that Netflix only has 15 seasons and doesn't have any of the spin off NCIS's available to stream. Probably because of the CBS subscription service. Bogus! Anyway, 3 mile hill run. I asked my coach how to incorporate the hills on the treadmill. He said to increase incline to 5-6% for 30 seconds or so. The workout was written as 1 mile warm up, 1 mile tempo run with 3 hill sets (run uphill and jog/walk downhill), and 1 mile cool down. My treadmill was at 1% unless I was on a "hill" and then I went to 6%. My warm up mile had speeds varying between 1.5 and 4.6. I did some additional stretches on the treadmill that I've done during Peloton run warm ups. During my 1 mile tempo run, I held my run speed at 4.6 (since that's what I'm trying to increase my pace to). I decided at 0.25, 0.5, and 0.75 were going to be my hills but I was also watching the time and wanted it to land on a whole number so I got as close to those markers as I could and then I ran at 5.0 for 30 seconds and dropped back to 1% incline at 3.0 for 1 minute. My cool down mile was alternating between 1/4 mile run at 4.6 and 1/4 mile walk at 3.0, with my final 1/4 mile dropping incline to 0.

Day 3 - 45 minute Cross Training I didn't get any good pictures. If it wasn't my child getting in the way thinking she was recording a video or on FaceTime, it was the dog getting in the way. I did find a 45 minute beginner yoga session on the Peloton that was Hip focused! I loved it. I can't wait to do it every week!

Day 4 - 3 mile Hill Run

This hill run was different from day 2 in that you had 1 hill in each mile. I decided to do each hill at the half mile mark in each mile. Normally that is where I walk anyway so I thought a good push and then walk was fine! I think that made this run more enjoyable. I put my treadmill at 1% and started my run at 4.6. When I got to my first hill, I bumped the incline up to 6% and my speed to 5.5 for 45 seconds and then dropped to 1% incline and walked 2.0 for 1.5 minutes. At my next hill I bumped incline to 7% and kept my speed 5.5 for 45 seconds and then dropped to 1% incline and walked 2.0 for 2 minutes. I needed to walk a little bit before my next hill so I walked from 2.0-2.1 miles at 3.0 and that helped a lot. My final hill was at 8% and speed at 5.5 for a full minute! I dropped to 1% incline and walked at 2.0 for 2 minutes. I ran at 4.6 until my final tenth of a mile and then I pushed (as I would in a race) at 6.0 to the end.

Day 5 - 3 mile Recovery Run/Optional Rest Day

This recovery run I added the walks as needed. I think I did 4 or 5, each at a speed of 3.0 for 0.1 miles. I ran at 4.6 the rest of the time until I reached 3 miles and the final 0.1 miles I walked at 2.0. Somewhere between 2 and 3 miles, I realized that I forgot to add my 1% incline and added it when I remembered it. Nothing super exciting during this run but that face on Ziva is great right! Paused at a great point!

Day 6 - 9 mile Long Run (on Satan's Sidewalk)

First, I have to say this because I proclaimed it Saturday night in my IG stories. I don't ever want to train for a half marathon in the winter ever again. At least not while I'm living here. If we end up living somewhere that it doesn't snow...then maybe...I mean Saguaro Half Marathon is on my list of races I want to run and that's in February/March...but to date, 9 miles is the longest I have run on this beast (that will change...but I'm getting ahead of myself). I played with my speed on this run. I maintained my normal recovery run session of walking 0.1 miles and running 0.4 miles but I was going to maintain my run speed and increase it by 0.1 every two miles until my final mile. First two miles, my run speed was at 4.6, miles 2 to 4 I increased my speed to 4.7, miles 4 to 6 I increased to 4.8 and then I changed my mind. From mile 6 to 7 my speed was 4.9, mile 7 to 8 my speed was 5.0 and then I really crushed my final mile! From 8.1 to 8.5 miles I ran at 5.5 and my last push from 8.6 to 9 was at 6.0. I did have to walk for a minute in that last push but I nailed it! I also crushed my long run time. I finished in 2 hours 1 minute. That's closer to my 8 mile time...not my 9 mile time! I'm definitely going to keep the speed changes in mind for the next long run I have to do on the treadmill!

Day 7 - Rest Day/Pre Hab Day Straight up rested! I did a 45 minute Gospel Yoga Flow late in the evening. It was a great stretch at the end of the day but definitely need to add in some more foam rolling next week!


Monday: 3 mile Recovery Run/Optional Rest Day Tuesday: 4 mile Tempo Run w/Hill Repeats Wednesday: 45 minute Cross Training Thursday: 4 mile Speed Run w/Hill Repeats Friday: 3 mile Recovery Run/Optional Rest Day (if didn't take rest day Monday) Saturday: 11 mile Long Run Sunday: Rest Day/Pre-Hab

It is very likely that I will be running my long run on the treadmill because at the time I am writing this, we have a 70% chance of snow Saturday and Sunday for week 7 training. I am also excited to add the hill repeats along with the tempo and speed runs this coming week. I am hoping to get to the running store to get new shoes as mine are now over their 300 mile life. I want to start this last half of training in the shoes that I'll be running my race in! Can't wait to share them in next week's recap!


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