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Coast Guard Half Marathon Training Week 5

Well, lots of pivoting took place this week. Dentist appointments and snow meant workouts getting moved around. I'm starting this post on Wednesday after completing my benchmark run because my husband has just informed me of a massive winter storm heading our way. It is supposed to hit on Sunday and be three times as bad as the snow we got last week. I wanted to get this started so I can finish it if needed on my iPad or phone but, fingers crossed, hopefully we don't lose power.


TOTAL TIME: 2h 0m 44s

Day 1 - 45 minute Cross Training No picture taken today because I felt like utter shit all day. I had a dentist appointment Monday morning at 8am for a few fillings. Unfortunately, the dentist had to give me more Novocain and once the numbness went away, my face hurt and I had a horrific headache. Like I took a nap in the middle of the day type of headache and even that didn't help. I did some very light stretching and crocheted some headbands and just took it easy overall.

Day 2 - 3 mile Recovery Run

Thanks to the 27°F (-3°C) weather, my run was on the treadmill. Decided to watch Mulan while I ran because my daughter got this cute little music speaker box thing for Christmas. It came with a few little characters and when you put them on this one spot on top of the box, it plays some songs and tells a story. She got this little dog, Belle, Cinderella, Elsa and Mulan. She will play Belle like there is no tomorrow and when I try to put Mulan on, she pitches a fit so I decided to watch the movie. Okay, back to the training. When I ran my easy runs for Mount Rushmore on the treadmill, I would maintain a speed of 4.0. That is a 15 minute mile and I knew that if I could maintain that on the treadmill that I could do it on the pavement or go faster. I decided to challenge myself and see if I could increase my pace. I put the treadmill at a 1% incline and did the following for each mile: 0-0.1 miles: 3.0 speed

0.1-0.5 miles: 4.6 speed

0.5-0.6 miles: 2.5 speed 0.6-1.0miles: 4.6 speed Walked the last 0.1 miles at 2.0 to cool down. I enjoyed the pace and it felt great. I pushed a little outside of my comfort zone and I'm glad I did!

Day 3 - 5 mile Benchmark Run

I attempted to run this outside. It was almost 50°F (10°C) so I figured that I would be safe. I did not anticipate this much snow still hanging around. It was the snow on the sidewalks and the runoff of the melting snow (that you can see in the top left of the picture) that made me nervous. It would be dark when I finished and I didn't really feel like taking my chances at busting my I took it back to the treadmill. Not ideal as I wanted all of my benchmark runs to be done on the same route but this is what training for a race in the middle of winter looks like right?

I used the same running strategy as my Recovery Run except my walk from 0.5-0.6 miles was at 3.0. Ran at 4.6 on a 1% incline. I chose to watch Black Widow during this run. Not sure that was a great idea because some of the explosions lead to micro jumps while running (not a fun experience) but the action sequences sometimes made me want to run faster but I stuck to my guns and my pace and it felt great!

Day 5 - 3 mile Recovery Run/Rest Day The plan was to hit the treadmill since I saw the road conditions on Thursday but the day got away from me and I decided to make it a rest day. Plus a headache threw me all day.

Day 6 - 10 mile Long Run: CANCELLED I was psyching myself up for this run all week. I knew that it was going to be done on the treadmill especially after driving around on Thursday (before my daughter got car sick). We drove a couple miles of my route and seeing how the plows pushed the snow up against the corners of the sidewalks, I was ready to tackle the beast. In preparation for the snow, my husband was going to pick up wood from his dad on Friday but ended up going Saturday. Knowing that at my slowest pace this run would take about 2.5 hours, I knew that I couldn't do it while he was gone. I had all intentions on doing it when he got home but I messed up. I was climbing up to reach a box and when I was stepping back down, I put almost full weight on the side of my left foot. *Fun Fact: I did that once before and it resulted in a sprained ankle, broken foot, and torn ligaments in the arch of my foot...just from stepping wrong and on the side of my foot.*

I gave it a rest and said I'll swap it to Sunday and just take it as a rest day! Also my tiny human (3 year old daughter) brought me this little train conductor. Here's the thing. My husband bought this Polar Express train set around Thanksgiving. It came with the conductor (Tom Hanks), the two train engineers, and the little boy. Shortly after he set it up, the figures disappeared! When Christmas was over and we were getting ready to start packing up the train set, she disappeared and came back with one of the engineers and the little boy...then the other engineer...but when asked where she found them/hid them, she wouldn't answer me. Then she brought me the conductor on Saturday. Lol! All while I was crocheting some headbands!

Day 7 - Rest Day/Pre-Hab

Woke up Sunday with my ankle being slightly sore still and opted for one more rest day and confirmed that with my coach! Our snow also came early. It was supposed to start around 5pm but it started around 12:30pm. It was a slow flurry for a few hours and after it had stopped for about an hour we got some rain. Temps warmed up enough for the rain to melt the snow off the street and almost completely off the cars before I went to bed.

WHATS ON DECK FOR NEXT WEEK: Monday: 3 mile Recovery Run/Optional Rest Day Tuesday: 3 mile Hill Repeats Wednesday: 45 minute Cross Training Thursday: 3 mile Hill Repeats Friday: 3 mile Recovery Run/Optional Rest Day (if didn't take rest day Monday) Saturday: 9 mile Long Run Sunday: Rest Day/Pre-Hab

Now this is 100% subject to change. It always is but on Sunday the 16th we are supposed to get hit with a massive snow storm. As long as we don't lose power, these runs will all take place on the treadmill. Not ideal but again...not worth risking an injury to run outside.


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