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Coast Guard Half Marathon Training Week 3

This week I focused on listening to my legs. Sometimes I had to remind myself to...

I was getting ready to head out on Monday for my recovery run with my shins and calves feeling a little sore but hey...I haven't ran since Friday so lets go...I started to put my compression socks on and decided to take a rest day. As much as it kills me because I want to see all my workouts complete at the end of the week, I know that I could do some real damage if I push too much. I also want to say that this post is late because we got slammed with snow and lost power for 24 hours (I'll get into that in the week 4 recap). Let's recap this week before I get too into it here! WEEK 3 SUMMARY


TOTAL TIME: 4h 0m 22s

Day 1 - 3 mile Recovery Run/REST DAY optional

Like I said in the intro, I opted for the rest day on Monday. I did not get a picture from my 20 minute yoga for runners session that I did in a Zoom room with some friends but I also did some pre-hab stretching and added in some extra stretches and foam rolling on my shins and calves.

Day 2 - 4 mile Speed Run

Took this run to the track at the middle school near my house. This run was a 1 mile warm up, 4 x 800m at RPE 8 w/2.5 minute walking after each interval, 1 mile cool down. It worked out that the school was about 1 mile from my house so I ran to the school, walked to the track, ran my 2 miles around the track in the above intervals, walked back to the main road, ran 1 mile and walked the remainder home. This was also my first run with my AfterShokz (which I guess just rebranded themselves as Shokz) and I loved it. I also forgot how sometimes running on the track can make the miles go faster. I mean check out that average pace!

Day 3 - 45 minute Cross Training No picture again. I did some light yoga, stretching and foam rolling because frankly that is all that I had the capacity for. I also never know how or where to put my phone to take pictures during a workout. Record video, sure, but pics? Plus who really wants to check out a static yoga pose...not I said the fly!

Day 5 - 3 mile Recovery Run

This one was rough. I had zero motivation to do this run but I went. I got to my half mile turn around point and started having an internal battle. Part of me wanted to just get up the hill, finish 1 mile and go home. I convinced myself to keep going. As I passed my street, I was like I'm only running 2 freaking miles...I am not running 3! I started running 1 minute and walking 2 minutes and managed to get by my street again and finished at 3 miles. I also was not expecting to run in almost 60 degree weather on December 31st!

Day 6 - 8 mile Long Run

Y'all! Clearly Mother Nature had too much to drink on New Years Eve because it was 60 freakin degrees for my run on January 1st! As you can see I am in a tank top and dripping with sweat (and not because I just ran 8 miles) and you can see just over my shoulder, the windows in the back door are dark because I mismanaged my time and left with just enough time to finish my run and get home as it was getting dark! That entire hat on my head is SOAKED with sweat! There was very little that was dry. A lot of this run ended up being run 1 minute and walk 2 minutes. I don't know if I've mentioned this before or not but my body seems to know when to chafe when I'm running. 6 mile run? No problem! 8 mile run? At mile 4.5 the underside of my arms start to chafe. This was another reason that I kept the 1 minute run/2 minute walk sessions because every time I moved my arms when I ran it hurt like hell. Side note, I've purchased some running sleeves, not sure when they're going to get here but if they fit, I can't wait to test them out. If they don't fit, I'm cutting up a pair of socks.

WHAT'S ON DECK FOR NEXT WEEK: Monday: 3 mile Recovery Run (optional rest day) Tuesday: 4 mile Speed run (2 x 1 mile at mile pace with a 5 minute walk after each interval and 1 mile warm up and cool down run) Wednesday: 45 minute Cross Training (yoga and stretching) Thursday: Rest Day (stretching) Friday: 3 mile Recovery Run (optional rest day if didn't take one Monday) Saturday: 8 mile Long Run Sunday: Rest Day Pre-Hab

I will confess that as I am finishing this post, it is Friday of week 4 and I am 100% procrastinating on doing my run because I have to do it on my treadmill. I could say it's because the movie I am watching I have on is almost over and I don't want to have to try and start another while I'm mid-run but that's not the case. Stay'll see why I'm on my treadmill monster!


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