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Coast Guard Half Marathon Training Week 2

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

The week started off ROUGH! I'm talking injury rough right out the gate! Come on Myranda! Are you for real? Basically that amazing plan that I created last week to incorporate yoga and foam rolling and strength all got canned! Just like much of the last year and a half, I'm having to...

I had to y'all! #SorryNotSorry I've come to the conclusion that until my legs really start to get use to the running and the mileage, workouts will be kept light and easy and mostly stretching and foam rolling! Are we ready for the breakdown? Brace yourself...I've got some good stuff coming!



TOTAL TIME: 2h 26m 22s

Day 1 - 3 mile Recovery Run

This run was TERRIBLE! Here is exactly the feedback that I left for my coach (ignore the's fake): This sucked! I tried to slow my pace down (which I did) but my shins and ankles hurt. Like I should have taken a rest day hurt...but everything was fine before my fun. It's like my legs don't want to run a 16 minute mile.

My coach read my feedback and said to take Tuesday off and don't do the tempo run.

He told me to add in a recovery run on Wednesday instead of cross training and then rest again on Thursday. You got it dude! I literally planted my butt on the couch all day on Tuesday. I know I should have stretched or foam rolled or something but my legs and ankles felt fine and I wanted to give them all the rest and recovery they needed!

Day 3 - 3 mile Recovery Run (per coach)

Y'all I can't even tell you how great this run felt. Like it solidified that my RPE 4-5 isn't slower than a 15 minute mile! I'm never slowing myself down again. Here's the thing about this run...I almost cried! You can watch my reel on IG and see my emotion but I'm gonna write it here so it lives on in text on the internet forever!

About 1 mile into my run I paused my run on my watch and on Strava (which I think jacked up my mileage but whatever I'm done with the run anyway) and recorded a few video clips. I get about 0.5 miles down from my house and it's my turn around point. I cross the road and start heading back towards my house. I see a guy running down the hill and wonder Is he going to run straight through or if he will be turning down this road...and I see the mailman sitting in his truck on his break. As I approach, he reaches out his window and gives me a thumbs up. I pull my earbud out and he tells me I'm doing a great job. Almost started crying right there. I keep going and remember that guy I saw when I was at my turn around point? Well he passes me and does like a fist bump in the air to encourage me to keep going. Seriously? Is something in the air? I see a guy running toward me on the sidewalk so I jump to the street, we air high five as we run by each other and I tell him he's doing great and keep going! I'm approaching my 1 mile mark and about to start my 2 minutes of walking and this truck drives by and the guy honks and he waves at me!

People are never this night when I'm running!!! Every one of those people that encouraged me today have no idea how much I needed that...hell I didn't even know I needed it as much as I did. Moral of this story, when you see someone running as you walk by, are on the other side of the road or driving by, give them some will mean the world to them!

Day 5 - 3 mile Recovery Run

Time was a little slower because this was a day that I got ready for my run and then realized that all I had drank all day was a little calf cramp and hamstring cramp but it never got painful and I was fine when I finished. I had received a text from my coach who said that it was 100% okay to take the weekend off and enjoy the holiday and time with our family. I decided to do this run anyway. I had full intentions of doing my long run on Saturday but waited too long and then next thing I knew it was almost 4pm and there was no way I would be home before it got dark so I opted to rest all weekend! Just wish I would have stretched some more.


A lot more stretching and foam rolling. The inside of my shins are now a little sore so I need to make sure to give those some good stretches. I need to soak in some epsom salt bathes a couple times and really make sure to rest my legs. As for my runs, here's what is coming my way!

Monday: 3 mile Recovery Run (optional rest day) Tuesday: 4 mile Speed run (800 meter/2.5 min walk x 4 with 1 mile warm up and cool down run) Wednesday: 45 minute Cross Training (either an easy walk with my daughter or yoga) Thursday: Rest Day (stretching) Friday: 3 mile Recovery Run (optional rest day if didn't take one Monday) Saturday (New Years Day): 8 mile Long Run Sunday: Rest Day Pre-Hab

The only thing that may change is my schedule for Friday and Saturday. My husband has been super sick and his original plan at the end of last month was to go hunting New Years Day. Not sure if that is still the plan. If it is, then I'll do my long run on Friday morning before he leaves and depending on when he gets home Saturday, it will either be a rest day and stretching or I'll run when he gets home. I should have asked for some kind of light vest or reflective gear for running in the dark for Christmas but I didn't think about it until now!


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