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Space Force 10 Miler Training Week 6-9

This whole training for a race while also trying to pack and clean and get ready to move is some bullshit! I've been so out of it that I missed more runs than I completed. I didn't strength train except for the one time. I didn't stretch. I did a lot of thinking, reading, and cross stitching but if you stick with me to the end then you'll see what I have shifted to. I am also writing this recap at the start of my week 10 training so a lot of the reasoning behind missed workouts and runs will be missing because I straight up cannot remember!


TOTAL MILES: 10 miles

TOTAL TIME: 2h 47m 26s

Day 1 - 20 minute Strength for Runners plus 5 minute stretching before and after

Did a 5 minute warm up, the 20 minute strength for runners and a 5 minute cool down stretch. I busted out my Theragun and used this soft sponge pad to get into my arches, shins, ankles, top of my feet and my hip flexors. I prefer this guy to foam rolling any day!

Day 2 - Rest Day Finally made it into the clinic to get my blood work done but it had to be done fasted. By the time I got there, finished and started heading home, I had the worst headache! In addition to feeling like garbage, my daughter was sick again. She spent the morning throwing up only to want to run around and play outside that afternoon!

Day 3 - 4 mile Intervals

Spent this run watching "Mortal Instruments: City of Bones". Warm up was 0.5 miles (0.25 @ 3.9 & 0.25 @ 4.1). 4 intervals of 0.5 miles @ 5.2, recovery for first 2 were 0.2 miles @ 2.5 and 0.05 @ 3.9 and second 2 @ 2.0 instead of 2.5 to breathe easier. Cool down was 0.5 miles (0.25 @ 4.1 and 0.25 @ 3.9)! Got sciatic pain in my right buttcheck. I also did a 5 minute warm up and 10 min cool down stretch from Peloton.

Day 4 & 5 - Rest Days

Day 6 - 6 mile Long Run

The weather was crappy on this day. Originally this was going to be split up. I was going to do a 3 mile run and then the Foam Glow 5K. Rain, wind from the NE, and temps in the low 50s...I really wanted to do this run. It's a night time run, glow in the dark, big party, but that weather just sounded miserable. Instead I ran a 10K to get my badge on my Garmin watch. I used my easy pacing between 14:30-15:30.

Mile 1: 0.9 miles at 3.9, walk 0.1 at 2.0

Mile 2: 0.9 miles at 4.0, walk 0.1 at 2.0

Mile 3: 0.9 miles at 4.1, walk 0.1 at 2.0

Mile 4: 0.9 miles at 4.1, walk 0.1 at 2.0

Mile 5: 0.9 miles at 4.0, walk 0.1 at 2.0

Mile 6: whole mile at 3.9

Walked 0.2 miles at 2.0 to complete a 10K

Huge accomplishment to continue to run 0.9 miles and walk 0.1!


TOTAL MILES: 10.13 miles

TOTAL TIME: 2h 28m 55s

Day 3 - 3 mile Tempo Run

I buttoned up the treadmill before I remembered to take a picture. This was supposed to me a 0.5 mile warm up (3.9-4.1), (2) 1 mile tempo @5.0, 1 minute recovery walk, 0.5 mile cool down (4.1-3.9). I had to drop it to 0.4 miles @ 5.0 and walked 0.1 @ 2.0 instead. It was too fast for too long and I just wasn't ready. I walked the last 0.1 to get me to 3.1 so I could feel like I had earned my finisher's t-shirt from the Foam Glow 5K that I missed.

Day 6 - 7 mile Long Run Combos

The weather for this run was absolutely amazing! I picked a different route but still part of a neighborhood that I know...however driving hills is so much different than running them. This was supposed to be 1.5 miles at my easy pace, 4 miles at my goal race pace (13:30), and 1.5 miles at my easy pace. Since the hills were kicking my butt, I decided that my goal is to finish. I also decided that while it would be great to have my race pace for race day as 13:30, now my goal is to finish. I ran 0.9 miles and walked 0.1 miles while trying to keep my pace within my easy range. I had a Honey Stinger waffle and a gel. This run felt much better than the 6 mile run on the tread the last week and SO MUCH BETTER than that heavy 5 mile run!


TOTAL MILES: 4 miles

TOTAL TIME: 57m 53s

Day 2 - 4 mile Intervals

I wonder how many workout runs are going to start with "This was supposed to be like this..." because this is another one of those runs. This was a 0.5 mile warm up (3.9-4.1), (4) intervals of 0.5 mile at 5.2 and a 0.25 mile recovery at 3.9, 0.5 mile cool down (4.1-3.9). Here's what I did for the recovery speeds because I was too winded.

Interval 1 & 2: recovery speeds were 2.0 for 0.05, 2.5 for 0.05 and then 3.9 for 0.15

Interval 3: recovery speeds were 2.5 for 0.15 and 3.9 for 0.1

Interval 4: recovery speeds were 2.5 for 0.1 and 3.9 for 0.15

Now you'll see that I only completed 1 run for week 8 and 9. The days just all blurred together plus there was a major weather change and pressure change and I was knocked down with some massive sinus stuff, headaches, sniffles and coughs.

On Sunday 10/23, I decided to keep my run days Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday but I needed more structure. I jumped back into 30 Day Breakaway. I'm using the Time Crunch calendar so I have strength training Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, runs on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday with Sunday being foam rolling/rest. So...


I will still be completing the mileage that my RunKeeper training schedule has for me but I'll be doing either a workout run from 30 Day Breakaway or a 30 minute Peloton run on Tuesdays and on Thursday and Saturday I'll keep the mileage as it should be with the 20-30 minute workout run from 30 Day Breakaway. Monday: 30 Day Breakaway Total Body Strength

Tuesday: 4 miles w/workout run from 30DB or Peloton

Wednesday: 30 Day Breakaway Core Fuerte

Thursday: 6 mile Relaxed Run w/30DB HIIT run

Friday: 30 Day Breakaway Lower Body

Saturday: 8 mile Long Run w/30DB Tempo Intervals

Sunday: 30 Day Breakaway Rest Day Roll Out


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