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Space Force 10 Miler Training Week 5

Did this week go according to plan? Not really. Did I get all my runs done? Yes! I didn't get my strength training in or my core work but that's okay. I tried to get up early to get blood drawn for some labs but never quite made it. I still need to do that before the requests expire...that will get done this coming week. I went to the doctor on Thursday about possibly having Morton's Neuroma in my left foot (Google it, it's not icky just irritating). I got an x-ray done and will be scheduling with orthopedics to follow up and see what I can do to keep it from being super irritating! That's a post for another time. Here's is this week's recap!



TOTAL TIME: 3h 10m 26s

Day 1 - Rest Day

I took the whole day off. I thought about doing a workout, even something quick like a 10 minute core class but we ended up having several showings that had us leaving the house for anywhere from 20-45 minutes and only getting maybe 1.5-2 hours at home before leaving again. Not a lot got done except some dishes and a load of laundry that stayed in the washer too long.

Day 2 - 3.8 mile Surges

This was hard but I got it done. Here's the break down:

Warm Up: 1.5 miles (ran 0.5 miles at each speed of 3.9, 4.0, and 4.1) 8 Surges: Surge 1 minute at 6.1, Recover 1 minute at 3.9 (workout ending at total mileage of 2.8) Cool Down: 1 mile (ran about 0.33 miles at each 4.1, 4.0 and 3.9)

I stayed true to my warm up even though it was hard. I got through 2 full rounds of the surges but after the third surge, I had to walk slower. I ended up walking at 2.5 for the middle 4 surges. For the last two I went back up to 3.9 for the recovery but had a few hundredths of a mile left until I was at 2.8 so I dropped my speed back to 2.5 and walked a little bit before entering my cool down run. I finished my cool down at 55m and 40s but I needed to keep moving to bring my heart rate down so I walked until I hit 1 hour and finished at 3.94 instead of 3.8.

Day 3 & 4 - Rest Days I was exhausted and it was hot. I almost went on Thursday for my scheduled run but it was so hot and humid and I had a massive hydration headache that I decided to sit the day out. I thought about doing it on the treadmill but I couldn't see straight most of the day.

Day 5 - 3 mile Relaxed Run

Today was the official second day of Fall and it was like a high of 65! It was amazing! I left around 5pm and my goodness the hills were terrible. I ran my original 5K route and it has a couple of steep hills but I nailed it. I averaged about a 15:27 minute mile and I wasn't mad about it...oh and that is a long sleeve shirt that I'm wearing in this picture!

Day 6 - 5 mile Long Run

I went into this run with high expectations. It was the same distance as last week's long run and same route. I was hoping that it would go as perfect since we had THE BEST WEATHER and low humidity but alas...that was not the case. My left foot felt like it was landing heavier than right shortly after starting. I'm not sure why and, as a result, my outer shin was sore not even half a mile in. Did my 4:1 run/walk intervals (tenths of a mile) the entire time even though I really wanted another 2.5 mile non-stop run under my belt but I listened to my body. I tied my shoes too tight so I couldn’t feel my toes for last half of run. Around 3.2 miles I actually stopped because I thought I had something inside my right shoe sitting on my arch...and there was nothing there! I retied my shoes but still some numbness. When I started my run it was cloudy and beautiful so I didn't feel bad leaving my sunglasses at home. I didn't need them. You can't tell in the picture but the clouds burned off and I had almost no cloud coverage by the time I got home. At least Mr. Sun decided to wait until I was on my own main street before he let the clouds leave.

In other news (not training related), I am almost 3/4 of the way through my goal for 2022. Last year my goal was to run 250 miles (I ran 256) so this year I made it my goal for 275 and as long as I don't miss a training run, I will have this goal completed by the end of October!


This week I enter phase 2 of my training and work on getting faster. Just like I did a couple weeks ago, I created a stack for the week using the Peloton App but I'm definitely brining in my favorite foam rolling workout from Beachbody and I might try to sprinkle in some of the evening stretches from another Beachbody program. Monday: 20 min Strength for Runners (w/5 min warm up stretch and cool down stretch)

Tuesday: 4 mile Intervals (w/5 min Pre-Run Warm Up and 10 min Post-Run Stretch)

Wednesday: 10 minute Core for Runners + 10 min Foam Rolling Quads & Hamstrings

Thursday: 3 mile Relaxed Run + 30 min Rest Day Roll Out (from 30 Day Breakaway)

Friday: 20 min Restorative Yoga

Saturday: 6 mile Long Run (this will be split into 2'll have to wait and see).

Sunday: Rest Day


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