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Space Force 10 Miler Training Week 10

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

*How did it go



TOTAL TIME: 4h 41m 1s

Day 1 - Total Body Strength (no pic) I probably could have gone heavier on the weights but since I haven't really lifted weights in a long time, I stuck with 8s, 10s, and 15s. We did 3 rounds of each of these moves:

  • Front Squat w/15s (R1 3 count down and up, R2 tempo, R3 hold at the bottom and tempo).

  • Push-ups w/10 (1 weight, push up, pull weight from left to right under chest with right hand, push up, pull weight right to left with left hand).

  • Rev. Lunge w/Biceps Curl & Heel Raise w/8lbs (about 20-22 seconds each side).

  • Deadlift to High Pull w/15lbs.

  • Declined Chest Press w/15lbs (Raised bridge, alternating press).

  • Rotational Bent-Over Row w/10lbs (split stance with back foot just toes on the ground, about 20-22 seconds each side).

Day 2 - 4 mile Run with Fat Blasting Ladders

Gotta love watching some Stranger Things while running! I started with a 1 mile easy warm up at 3.9. I went into Fat Blasting Ladders and ran a total of 1.5 miles. Ran three sets of 30/60/90 seconds with first round at 4.5, second round at 5.0 and third round at 5.3. After the 90 second set, I walked for 20ish seconds at 2.8 then jogged at 3.9 except last set I jogged at 4.0. My final 1.5 miles I treated as a cool down and did a half mile each at 4.1, 4.0, and 3.9.

Day 3 - Core Fuerte (no pic) I didn't write down the moves but I used a 10lb weight for all the exercises and I know that I had to modify a lot because my core isn't that strong yet. Something I've been working on for a few years.

I also added in about 10 minutes of yoga flow for hips to try and loosen things up...but still so tight!

Day 4 - 6 mile Run with HIIT

The total time for this run was about 1.5 hours but it took me over 2 hours to do it but let me explain! I started this run with the HIIT run from 30 Day Breakaway. The workout was three rounds of 60/45/30 seconds all at 1%. 60 sec runs at 5.8/6.0/6.0, 45 sec runs at 6.2 for all, 30 sec runs at 6.5 for all. I walked the recovery at 2.5 between each round for same duration of run (60/45/30) to total 1.36 miles. During this run I had to pause to oil my belt because it felt like it was slipping a lot and it was making me nervous. As soon as the workout was over and I was ready to go into my easy run miles to get to 6, I felt a super heavy feeling in my gut out of nowhere and had to rush to the bathroom! I came back, got into my run and the squeaking of the treadmill was so freaking annoying that I thought I would gouge my ear drums out. I paused to spray some WD40 on the parts that elevate the tread and the squeaking stopped! Anyway, here is a breakdown of the miles, speeds and incline that I added and took away.

1.36-2: 4.0 & 2%

2-3: 4.1 & 3%

3-4: 4.1 & 4%

4-5: 4.1 & 3%

5-5.45: 4.0 & 2%

5.45-5.9: 3.9 & 1%

5.9-6: 2.5 & 0%

Ran 0.9, walked 0.1 at 2.5, took gels at mile 2.9 and 5.9.

Day 5 - Lower Body (no pic) I didn't make any notes about the workout or the weights that I used but I think I used 15s and 10s for all moves.

Day 6 - Rest Day I drove for GrubHub on Friday night from 5pm-10pm and really wanted to get up at 6am and do my run before the day started but it didn't work out that way. We had our final walk through of our new house so we had to drive out there and it takes about 1.5 hours to get there. By the time we got home, it was enough time for me to make our dog his food and then I was supposed to start driving again for a few hours...I ended up canceling my drive because I just wanted to stay home and snuggle with my kid!

Day 7 - 8 mile Long Run

Oh this run...I decided to make this just an easy run. I opted not to do the workout run at the beginning of this and just enjoy it because this was going to be the last run I do in my neighborhood before we move. I forgot to charge my watch so as soon as I started my run I got the notification that it was low battery. I didn't expect my watch to last as long as it did! It lasted about 1 hour and 23 minutes and 5.6 miles. Once my watch died I found it quite freeing. I'm constantly checking my pace and the duration I've been running. I want to make sure that at the slowest I'm maintaining a 15 minute mile. I didn't want to run with my phone in my hand so I couldn't track my pace like I was doing but I managed to maintain my pace! I ended up finishing my 8 miles around 1 hour and 57 minutes but then had to walk a little over half a mile home.

Some things I was thinking about on my run were:

  • I think I have a blister (I didn't).

  • Starting to tear up because negative thoughts about my body were coming up.

    • Could it be because my hips are so tight...

  • (Around mile 5) Am I chafing? Am I chafing around my underwear near my who ha?

  • I'm going too fast, I need to slow down...but I'm not super out of breath...but my heart rate is pretty high.

  • I definitely have a blister (nope...still wrong).

  • Yep I definitely have chafed.

Let me tell you what. I've ran in those pants before and those underwear and I have never chafed there before. It's like right where my butt meets the top of the inner back side of my legs. Super awkward place right? When I was trying to fall asleep, I ended up Googling how to care for chafing there. Aloe Vera and Vaseline were the top contenders along with avoiding the activity that caused the chafing until it's healed.


So it looks like I'm out of running until the chafing has healed. Looks like I'll be trying to find a good pair of pants to run in commando to avoid chafing again. We start moving on Thursday so I'm willing to bet that the whole week is going to be a wash but here's what I should be doing. Oh and I also determined this round that when my long runs are "combos" (meaning that I have a few miles warm up at easy pace, some miles at my goal pace, and then a few miles at easy pace), I'm just going to maintain my easy pace but start with the 30 Day Breakaway run workout for that day. On the long runs that are not combos then I'll only be doing easy miles and not the workout. Monday: 30DB Meta Burn

Tuesday: 5 miles w/30DB Descending Intervals

Wednesday: 30DB Lower Body

Thursday: 5 easy miles w/30DB easy run and strides

Friday: 30DB Upper Body

Saturday: 9 mile Long Run Combo w/30DB Progressive Build Ups

Sunday: Rest Day Roll Out


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