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I Made Mittens And A Hat!

I've made blankets, scarves, and headbands but I have never made anything you could really wear that needed to "fit" so to speak. While at Michaels a couple weeks ago getting more yarn for my temperature blanket, my daughter found this multicolor yarn and asked if I could make her something out of it. My very first thought was I need to find a pattern for mittens!

Skein of yarn in bright, multi colors

After searching the internet for approximately 2 minutes, I landed on this pattern. The mittens looked super cute and bonus I was looking at having enough yarn left to make her a matching hat!

Every Thursday at one of the local libraries there is a crochet and knitting club that meets for 1-2 hours. I love to go but usually only attend when my daughter doesn't have school the next day but this time I took my little one with me and she colored the whole time we were there. In the hour or so that we were there, I was able to write out the pattern for the mittens in my notebook to about round 10 which is almost the whole hand of the mitten.

I will sometimes opt to write out the pattern myself to get familiar with it but this pattern in particular has five different sizes so I wanted to write out the number of rounds I needed for the child size mittens. I finished the first mitten the next morning. I even took it to the bus stop in the morning to work on while we waited and got a couple rounds done! After I finished the first one I decided to take a time lapse recording. I watched about 2 episodes of Supernatural on Netflix (so about 90 minutes) and was able to complete the second mitten start to finish including weaving in the ends!

Two mittens, bright in color, crocheted

How cute are those! I really wanted to surprise her with a matching beanie when she got home that afternoon but my child has a big head and while I have enough yarn to make the child size, I didn't know if it would fit so I had to wait until she got home to measure her head. Glad I waited because we needed another skein of yarn because of her big head! I found this pattern linked to the mittens one and knocked this out in a couple hours.

Crocheted hat in bright colors with the end straight.
Crocheted hat in bright colors with the end folded up.

I made the brim, the bottom of that folds up, much longer than the pattern calls for but she does say that if you want it longer to just add more stitches so that's what I did! Now it fits her head and covers her ears a lot. It went quick enough that I mentioned it to my husband and he asked me to make him one. I started it but ran out of yarn just as I got to the brim. Lucky me mom is coming out in a couple weeks and she has some of the same color and weight of yarn I'm using and she said she'll bring it so I don't have to buy any!

Now you cannot tell me that this isn't cute!

Young child modeling crocheted hat and mittens that are brightly colored.

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