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I Am Training For My Next Race

Space Force 10 Miler training has officially started! Before I jump into my week 1 recap, here's what I decided to try this time around. I decided to do a 16 week training plan for this 10 mile run. Since no training was offered for free with this race, I opted to take advantage of my RunKeeper Pro account. I chose to run 3 days a week because it felt the best for my schedule. My husband works from home on Tuesday and Thursdays and I don't understand how anyone voluntarily picks to do their long runs on Sundays so mine are on Saturdays! Here's the breakdown for my runs: Tuesdays are workout runs (speed, intervals, tempo, etc), Thursdays are relaxed runs, Saturdays are long runs. There are some "combos" for the long runs in later weeks but I'll get to that when the time comes.

I also decided over the weekend that I needed to add in strength training because that is what was SORELY lacking from my previous race trainings. Thought I would get back into some kind of routine with this training since I roll right into my Coast Guard Half Marathon training literally two days after my I need to go back to the my training plan and possibly adjust mileage the week of race day...Right now I have Monday as Full Body/Strength Training for Runners, Wednesday for core work, Friday for yoga, and possibly some foam rolling post runs...dunno...I'll figure it out. Unfortunately I didn't really think about strength training during week 1 but it's okay. Let's get to it!


TOTAL TIME: 1h 51m 22s

Day 1 - Rest Day All of my days are honestly a blur given that we are trying to get the house ready to sell.

Day 2 - 2.2 mile Surges

I decided to do my workout runs on the treadmill. I figured that it would be easier to maintain the speeds that are recommended for the workouts. I struggle to slow myself down for an easy run outside and I cannot even begin to know how to properly increase my speed for any intervals. This was a 0.5 mile warm up at 4.1, 8 surges at 6.1 for 30 seconds and 30 second recoveries at 3.9, with a 1 mile cool down at 4.1. My last two recoveries I had to drop my speed to catch my breath better and I also had to pause my run right at the beginning of my cool down because my daughter woke up. I did it though and I thought it was fun! I don't remember what I listened to or watched to be honest.

Day 3 - Rest Day

Day 4 - 2 mile Relaxed Run

My relaxed runs are supposed to be between 14:30-15:30 mile pace. My splits were 14:10 and 14:38. First mile was a little faster but I was conscious of my pace and I was trying really hard to pull back and go slower. The goal is to get faster for race day. I know it seems counter productive to run slower to get faster but I'm trusting the process. I also am using these outside runs to listen to running podcasts. This run, I listened to one about tapering. I don't know why I picked one about tapering when that happens 2-4 weeks before race day depending on how long your training plan is and how long of a race you're running...did I mention that I'm in my first week? Lol!

Day 5 - Rest Day

Day 6 - Unexpected Rest Day We had contractors at our house on Saturday and I had so much to do that before I knew it, the day was over, it was dark, I don't have a reflective vest or a good running head lamp yet, so I opted to push it over to Sunday>

Day 7 - 3 mile Long Run

I know I'm wearing sunglasses but can you tell how miserable I was post run? Here is why I thought this was a bad run:

My goal was to get up and be done before 9am because it was going to be 72 at 7am and 82 by 9am. I didn't want to run in the heat...but I forgot to set my alarm...and I woke up to my 9:18am alarm telling me church was about to start. I did not drink enough water on Saturday or Sunday morning. I started my run at almost 5pm...and I didn't eat enough food either. I didn't sleep well, I didn't eat enough, I didn't drink enough fluid period, it was hot and humid and I walked way more than I wanted but I had to. My splits were 14:45, 15:28, and 17:40...That last mile was a dumpster fire and most of it was downhill!

One of my goals is to be able to run longer so working on my endurance by doing my workouts on the treadmill I think will help a lot. I'll eventually start adding a relaxed run here and there on the treadmill to help keep me from walking too much as I prepare to run longer. As I write this, it's Monday night of week 2 and my treadmill is out in the garage, not in the best spot to be used in the garage so it'll be interesting to see how my run goes tomorrow! On that note...


Monday: 20 Minute Full Body Workout (Peloton) Tuesday: 2.2 mile Surges (same speeds as week 1 but duration of surges are longer) Wednesday: 10 Minute 2010s Hip Hop Barr: Core (Peloton) Thursday: 2 mile Relaxed Run (14:30-15:30 pace) Friday: 30 Minute Yoga Flow (Peloton) Saturday: 4 mile Long Run (14:30-15:30 pace) Sunday: Rest Day/Pre-Hab

I'll be checking out the Peloton 20-30 minute classes as well as 20-30 minute classes on Beachbody on Demand. I think I'm going to keep core workouts 10-20 minutes but strength and yoga will be 20-30 minutes. Stay tuned!


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