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Home is Not One Place

Being in the midst of the holiday season, I find myself thinking about "home". I put home in quotes because a question popped into my head today.

Where is home for me?

Before I tell you my answer here's something I want you to think about before you answer that question for yourself. Is home...

  1. the house you grew up in?

  2. the town you grew up in?

  3. a city/town where you just fit in?

  4. where you live now?

  5. something you're still looking for?

Question 5 aside, could the answer to questions 1-4 all be the same answer? Sure they can. For me, "home" is located in several different places. If I say I miss my family, that home is in the Pacific Northwest. Everyone except my youngest sister and her family live out there so the only time I see them is when we FaceTime. Also, Taco Time refuses to expand out of the PNW so on the very rare occasion that I make it home now, that is always the first stop!

two waterfalls in the forest with a foot bridge and people crossing it.

If I say that I miss home, I'm talking about New Orleans. I lived there for just under 5 years and no place ever felt like home than that city. It's not even about Bourbon Street, the French Quarter, Pint Night at The Bulldog, or cafe au lait and beignets at Cafe du Monde. It's everything. I was part of a family there. I was the only girl in my shop with only one other girl on the hanger. We had a few female pilots and a few in admin but the hanger felt sacride and those boys were my brothers.

old buildings with neon signs along a busy street with people walking, no cars.

I wanna go home...well that can have two meanings. It can either be New Orleans or my current home. It really depends on the context. If we're talking about where we're from and where we've lived, etc, then I mean Nola. If that's not the case then I'm talking about our home here in southern Maryland. I love our house here and given that we have zero plans to ever move again (unless by some miracle we can find a plot of land with a house on it on multiple hundreds of acres and it won't break the highly unlikely with the way our economy is going), I'm slowly turning this house into our home.

As cheesy as it sounds, I did my first little holiday decorating where I bought something for a specific space to liven it up for the holidays. Thanks to my mom for helping me put it all together, we took my old cookbook/wine rack that my stepdad made me years ago (bless him for thinking ALL my cookbooks could fit in that) and moved it into our half bath/powder room just off the kitchen. Michaels had a great little sale on some Christmas/winter stuff so we got a few items, moved our little 2' tree from Aldi to the top and I finally felt like a grown up!

table decorated with a lit tree, decorative winter box, lit candle, oil defuser, and plant. Under table is a magazine, two candles, and another oil defuser.

Now as of the day I'm writing this, Michael's was having a huge sale on their Christmas/Winter stuff. I'm talking 50-60% off. I may have grabbed a couple 3-wick candles to match the current oil defuser in the powder room along with another oil defuser in a different scent. I wanted to grab more decore but the stuff they had left wasn't jumping off the shelves at me, if you know what I'm saying. I'm not the kind of person to buy something just to buy it because it's on sale. Plus Hobby Lobby always has their stuff on sale...and I might venture out on the day after Christmas to see what, if anything, might be left that I can get for pennies!

Now that you see that "home" can be many places, thinking about what home means to you. Where is it? You don't have to tell me, obviously we all want our privacy, but what would mean the world to me is if you could share this with someone and tell them what or where home is to you.

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