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Flying Alone With My Toddler

Just reading that title to myself makes my chest tighten and I start to feel a little anxious. Every bit of me is screaming WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF?!? I love flying and traveling and typically book the cheapest flights with the longest days because I love to travel and take my time. I love long layovers because I don't want to feel rushed to get to my next flight. I like knowing that even if I'm late taking off, I will have plenty of time to hit the bathroom, grab a snack, check in with my family and find my gate.

Flying with a 2 year old...yeah...super stressful! Flying with a 2 year old while my husband stays home...damn near CRAZY! Why am I doing this to myself? Why am I stressing myself out? My sister is getting married. That's why. She's decided to get married back in Washington (the state) and make my daughter the flower girl. Granted I have every right to tell her that she gets me and only me but I want her to meet the rest of her family that she has only ever seen on FaceTime. This whole trip was supposed to take place back in March but thanks to the pandemic, her date has been switched to July. In less than 2 weeks, we will be flying out to spend almost 2 weeks with family! I have started my lists! I've been able to take things off my lists (my mom bought a car seat so I don't need to bring mine) and now it's all about getting everything we will need from home. Diapers are already at my mom's house. My supplements for training arrived yesterday so I only have a couple pieces of equipment to bring (bands, loops and deflate my Pilates ball). The things I'm not taking with me are things that we can get at the store once we get there. I gotta ask though. What are your go to items for toddlers on the plane? She's almost 3, never flown before and I'm already planning on some snacks, an array of movies and shows downloaded to the iPad with headphones for her as well as some crayons and coloring books. The flight is about 6 hours long. I'm really hoping that she'll go back to sleep on the plane since she'll be up really early but I'm not banking on it. I'm just praying that she won't be screaming the entire plane ride. I don't want to be that parent but the thought is already making my pits sweat and I can feel my body temp rising!

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