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Berry Chia Smoothie

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Call it a smoothie or a shake, either way it is delicious! I don't use chia seeds a lot but when I was asked to make some recipes for a women's network group, I took a look around my cabinets to see what I had that I could use. I found a bag of chia seeds with just a couple tablespoons left and knew that it could be added to smoothies but just didn't know how to add it. This is a mash up of several recipes I found and you really have a lot of freedom here!


  • There is a lot of play here. You see berry of choice, yogurt of choice, milk of choice. I want you to use what you have and what you like.

  • I used a frozen berry mix that had blackberries and raspberries. Those berries have seeds that just don't break down no matter how long I blend. Want to use cherries and make it a cherry chia it...and then tell me because I love cherries!

  • Let's chat about yogurt. While I do say use a plain yogurt of choice, if you want to use a blueberry yogurt to play up your use of blueberries, do it! I love to pair flavored yogurts with the berries and fruit I'm using so you do as you wish!

  • This makes a great smoothie without the chia seeds so if you don't have them and don't want to buy them, don't sweat it!

  • I made this the night before to see if the chia seeds would turn it from smoothie to smoothie bowl consistency and it was still drinkable. I did have to add a small splash of milk to thin it out for my own preference but when I say splash I'm talking a tablespoon or so...not much.

As always, if you make this recipe, please let me know how you like it in the comments below. I would love to know what fruit, yogurt and milk you used and if you kept the chia seeds or not! If you share it on social media, please tag me @Myranda.McCaffreyNowak on IG, FB and TikTok!

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