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Apple Berry Punch

I truly wish that I could remember where I found this recipe originally so I could site it but the first and only time I made this recipe was back in 2009 for a candle party I hosted (because we all lived for and loved Partylite). I've been itching to make this for some time and I finally figured out how to find my Notes on Facebook to find the recipe!


  • I took a screen shot of the note when it popped up in my Facebook memories...I wrote the thing down and I couldn't find it when I made this for my Cookie Exchange party so I was actually short 1 cinnamon stick. I thought it was supposed to be 2 and I put 3...still good!

  • My coffee maker doesn't use coffee filters so the ones I have are small and are more for straining my cold brew. I also don't have cheese cloth laying around so I just add my spice right into the juice.

  • Let's talk tea. I don't think I've used all blueberry or all blackberry tea the first time I made this and I definitely didn't this time. I couldn't find blueberry tea at my store as a stand alone tea, only as part of a sampler. I did find a blackberry citrus tea that pictured a blackberry and an orange slice so I used 6 of the blackberry tea bags and the last 2 blueberry tea bags that I had. It was delicious!

  • It was pretty chilly the day of the party so I made this shortly before people arrived. I poured the warm punch into a pitcher and let my guests know that they could drink it warm or could pour it over ice. It was great both ways!

As always, if you make this recipe, please let me know how you like it in the comments below. I would love to know how you made this your own or if you kept it as is! If you share it on social media, please tag me @Myranda.McCaffreyNowak on IG, FB and TikTok!

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