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What Crafty Things Are Coming

While there is so much that I'm looking forward to in 2023, I want to share the final project for 2022 before sharing what I have planned in the coming months!


Ignore the fact that it needs to be irons out and framed but This one is finally finished! The flowers were the hardest part because the symbols were so similar. I actually think I messed up a few times...there seemed to be some blank spaces sprinkled around the petals. I think there was also an issue with the thread I was given with this kit. All the outlining was supposed to be done in dark gray except "Love Is" was in black...however I ran out of dark gray before I finished the flowers. I think it turned out great though.


My mom got these for me for Christmas. The truck one is similar to one I finished a couple months ago (see the related post) and the snowman fits right in! I can't wait to finish those so I can add them to my winter decorations.

What I am the most excited about is crocheting a Temperature Blanket! I wanted to do one of these this year but I forgot to get yarn last year as well as forgot to get the temperature every day. This year I am prepared! I am not following a pattern but just single crocheting each row but I just don't know how many stitches I'm going to do across. I'm thinking maybe 150 stitches. My crochet stripe blanket was like 130-something and I want it wider than that one...maybe 175 stitches instead just to be on the safe side.

These are the colors that I found. Moving left to right we have Ice Blue, Light blue, Mint, Light Yellow, and Butter. Here is the key/legend that I'll use. I wanted to do increments of 20 degrees. You can find lots of patterns that have anywhere from 5 to 30+ different colors. I wanted to keep it somewhat simple with the number of colors.

Part of me wanted to stick with one color and do varying shades but my local Michaels didn't have a big selection of this yarn when I was there getting my supplies.

Now to determine when I will check the weather. I've seen a lot of videos of people who check the weather at the same time every day and use that as their temperature. I've seen people who check to see what the high was for the day and use that. I've also seen people who got so overwhelmed that they decided to take the average temperature for the week and do 5-7 rows of the color that corresponds with that temperature.

Ideally I will check the temp at Noon every day. I'll put an X in the column for the color and I'm planning on doing all the rows for the week on Saturday night or Sunday morning. I think if I tried to do a row every day I'll get overwhelmed and won't keep it going but I really want to do this!

My last big project will another Annie's Club. I want to do the Holiday Spice Moroccan Tile Crochet Afghan because I just love the colors! Here's a picture from their website of what the final project should look like. Once I start working and have some money I'll get the kit!

I would love to know what your favorite crafts are and what projects you have planned coming up or to finish!

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