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Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Welcome to my site. Here's some of my story. I'm sure I'll share it throughout my journey and time here but you gotta start somewhere!

I gained the title of "MOM" at the age of 35. My husband and I were engaged and we had been trying for weeks to find an officiant to perform our marriage ceremony. We found out on Tuesday that a woman had availability that Saturday and I found out I was pregnant on Wednesday. I was a new pregnant maybe 3 weeks along so my lips were tightly sealed!

9 months later, my daughter arrived 3 days late. I was induced and after 27 hours, never fully dilating, her heart rate increasing, my BP dropping and her giant head getting stuck, I had a C-Section and she was finally in my arms! I had always said that if I had a child, I wanted one child and I wanted a girl...and I got my girl!

She will be 2 next month and that just blows my mind! It got me thinking that I have learned so much during this time of quarantine and determined so many things that I still need to learn and figure out so why not share it...and that's what I plan to do here.

This is a learning curve people! Trial-and-Error will be shared. Trying to balance mom life, family life, my own health and wellness journey and business, and (once I go back) my full time job will be shared as well as looking to my readers to find out what they want to read and what they struggle with. My goal is to write at least twice a week. I look forward to writing again soon and getting to connect with other moms!



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