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The Occupant by Ambrose Ibsen, book 3 in Afterlife Investigations series, audiobook, 5h 8m

From GoodReads: "The door has been opened. It's already too late." The hunt is on for the thing that escaped from Chaythe Asylum. A life hangs in the balance. Dark plots set in motion more than thirty years ago wind to a close in this final, terrifying volume. Will Stephen Barlow intervene in time to spare the world the horrors of the Occupant?

I have to be honest (like I always am in my book review). I had a hard time getting into this story. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to know how this whole series was going to play out and I had some sneaky suspicions but I didn't see everything that was coming. As with the other two books in this series, the narrator was good. I do love this author which is why I find it so strange that I just couldn't concentrate on this book. It took almost 2 months to listen to and had to repeat chapters because I wasn't paying attention. That's why I rated this series finale a 3.75. Could it have been for all the personal things that have been going on in the last couple months that stole my focus? Probably...most likely. Will I continue to read and listen to this author's work? Absolutely.

3.75/5 Stars

2024 Reading Challenge: 9/50 complete

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