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Updated: May 19

blonde girl in center of page, sky is on fire in the background, airplane above her head, rubble around her feet.

The Empowered Ones by Danielle Harrington, Book 4 in The Hollis Timewire Series, ARC eBook, pre-orders available now, official release date 3.15.24.

From GoodReads: Hollis Timewire never wanted to be a hero. But when Arthur Evandrum, the leader of the Pure Ones, forces her to use her incredible power to control and imprison citizens, Hollis has no choice but to fight back. As she struggles to resist Arthur's coercion and grapples with the responsibility of being a leader, Hollis discovers there is more at stake than her own freedom. Mysterious events are unfolding at the lab in Area 7, and she must uncover what they are before it's too late.

With the help of her closest allies, Hollis races against time to unearth what’s happening behind the scenes. As she delves deeper into Arthur's twisted vision for the future, Hollis’s own morality is called into question. Will she make the ultimate sacrifice to protect what she believes in? Or will she succumb to Arthur's power and become another pawn in his game? The fate of society rests in her hands.

I cannot get over the way the author makes you feel about these characters. When Hollis is angry, you're angry. I keep picturing Arthur to look like Ryan Gosling from The Barbie Movie but with his hair slicked back and in a white suit and just looking slimy and evil. The amount of disgust and hatred I have towards this character is high. Everything about him makes you want to punch him in the throat. I had about 150 pages left when the story took a turn. I was shaking holding my kindle at times from anger and anxiety. I dropped my kindle several times, choking back tears, taking deep breaths to calm myself enough to keep reading. I cried no less than 5 times. The last 150 pages broke me down. It put me in all of my feels.

I finished this book (and series) with a sense of fulfillment. The story was wrapped up beautifully and I have to say it again. Danielle is a fantastic story teller. The way she brings the characters to life and delivers a story that makes you feel anything and then wraps it up with a bow has made her my new favorite author! While she is currently writing her next book in a genre that I don't normally read, I am definitely going to read it because of this series! She has a reader for life!

5/5 Stars

2024 Reading Challenge: 7/50 complete

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