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Updated: May 19

blonde girl in the center, trees around her, dark ground and along the sides with a yellow light emitting from behind her.

The Unseen Ones by Danielle Harrington, Book 2 in The Hollis Timewire Series, eBook, 328 pages

From GoodReads: After the government’s brutal attack on the Diseased Ones, Hollis Timewire must wade through the carnage of her treacherous mistake. The survivors want justice, and now Hollis faces impending execution. Each day, she must prove herself to be a model community member. But chopping firewood for the new camp in the forest isn’t enough. Hollis longs to redeem herself, and this sparks an idea to rescue the little boy from the Testing Center. Stealing the government’s secret weapon might just be the perfect way to destabilize the system – enough to bring the whole thing crumbling down. But unseen forces are at work. The world is not what it appears to be, and society has a dark secret that not even Hollis is prepared to face.

I don't want to give anything away but this author can drop some cliff hangers! The way she drops twists and turns, some I didn't see coming at all, is one of the things that has kept me hooked and wanting to finish the series. The only thing that I struggle with are two words that she uses often enough so far between book 1 and book 2 that just feel too repetitive. I don't want to say what they are only because they might seem repetitive to me but to someone else they won't be...unless they read this and then they're looking for those words.

The way the author has grown these characters in this world is fantastic. One of my favorite things to do is cast actors for the books I read and I'm struggling with this one. I can't seem to find the right fit for any of these characters but it might also be my elder millennial mind that keeps sifting through the teen heart throbs from back in the day that are old enough to be the council members and not the main characters! I'm excited to dive into The Pure Ones!

5/5 Stars

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