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Reading Goals for 2024

I've been giving a lot of thought as to what my goals for this year would be. Let me break them down for you and maybe something will strike your fancy to try.

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First goal: Track books better. You may have seen my post last year about how I was planning to track my reading (you can find the link below as a related post). That method kind of worked but didn't make it through the year. I recently have found myself on bullet journal TikTok and feel like my tracking game is way off! However I have zero goals to do those set ups for 2024...maybe next year. Anyway, I need to figure out a better way to track my books.

Second goal: Read/Listen to 50 books. I want no more than 30% of the books I consume to be audiobooks. That will bring me very close to what I did this year. It would be 35 books to read and 15 books to listen to. I don't know that I'll set a specific Kindle book goal again this year because I'm also shooting for completing all of my challenges so there is that!

Third goal: Make my way through my physical books that I already own. I am wrapping all of my books that I currently own in brown paper and will number them all. Once they're all wrapped then I'll put all the numbers on pieces of paper and put them in a cup or bowl and draw one at a time to read through what I already own. I can't wait to share that experience on IG and maybe TT.

Fourth goal: Donate/give away books that I don't want to keep/read again (or were DNF'd). I recently saw a video about the differences between book worms and book dragons. Book WORMS are constantly devouring books. Book DRAGONS hoard books...I am a book dragon. I have so many books that I have never read and as I make my way through Goal 3, I will either donate the book to my local library or a Little Free Library or give them away, especially for any book that I DNF (do not finish).

Fifth goal: Write a review for every book on my website and link it in my Goodreads review. In order to drive more traffic to my website, I will do a full review here (no more lump reviews) and then add the link to an abbreviated review on Goodreads. I thought it would be easier to just do a lump review once a month but that didn't quite work out and I'm sorry about that. I will try to do better, I promise.

I would love to hear what your reading goals are for the coming year. Go ahead and drop them in the comments. If you want to get back into reading or looking for something new, join my Virtual Book Club. We have a group on Facebook that you can join by clicking here. Make sure that if you request to join that you answer the questions (super easy, how are you going to participate and what is your fav book/series) and agree to follow the group rules. If you don't have Facebook, fill out this Google Form and you'll be added to the newly launched email list!

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