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Coast Guard Semper Paratus Challenge 2024 Training Week 7 & 8

It wouldn't be a true Myranda Half Marathon Training recap without combining a couple weeks into a single post right? Honestly I am writing this post on 3.15 and I hope I took notes because I honestly have no memory of doing anything the last couple weeks!


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TOTAL TIME: 4h 09m 37s

Day 1 - Restorative Yoga and Full Body Stretch

I started the week off great! A 45 minute restorative yoga class and then ended the day with a 5 minute full body stretch. I was ready to hit this week off strong!

Day 2 - 3 miles, Core, and Arms & Shoulders I started the day off with core. It was 10 minutes and all body weight. It went much better than I originally anticipated but I still have trouble with sit ups so those were modified to crunches. The arms & shoulders class was a live class on Peloton with one of the German instructors. No clue until the class started. Fun fact...I don't speak German but my grandma was born and raised in Germany and I grew up listening to her mix her German and English so I was able to understand some things he said. Mostly I understood his counting down to start a move and to finish a move. That's really what is important right? I knocked out the 3 mile run by leaving from my house! I tied my shoes a little too tight and was starting to lose feeling in my right foot. I was less than a half mile from home and it started to sprinkle and then...I hope it was the tingling in my foot and not something actually crawling on it. Then the neighbor's dogs (who chase every car and bark and get in your blind spot) started barking and running with me until one of them head butted or nosed me in the back of my leg and then I was like NOPE!

It was sometime between Monday and Tuesday that I think I slept wrong and it felt like a knot was between my left shoulder blade and spine and it ultimately travelled up to my neck which is why there isn't much training to report!

Day 6 - 3 miles Ran this one on the treadmill. I listened to the 2004 self-titled Chevelle album while watching this YouTube video. I think it ended up being 3.1 miles total because who is gonna stop at 3 miles when you could then say I ran a 5K? I know...silly!

Day 7 - 10 mile long run

"This was fun. Running is fun. I like doing this. I’m just gonna repeat that until I believe it! The last mile or so had to walk more because I felt some tightness in the back of my left quad and my left ankle was getting a little sore. Managed to finish despite be sick most of this training." That was what I wrote on Garmin Connect after I got home. The part that is underlined was what I told myself as I was walking my cool down. I choose to run because I like it and it's fun...right?


faded background of woman running on a trail with trees. text in black



TOTAL TIME: 2h 05m 32s

Day 1 - Restorative Yoga

Still experiencing a lot of pain in my left upper back, I was still able to stretch and it felt great. However, I felt like utter trash all week and ended with a lame long run

Day 2 - 7.4 miles (instead of 8)

I broke this up because I didn't feel like running all 8 miles. I started with a 45 minute run walk and was able to get in 2.58 miles. I followed it up with a 1 hour 2000s tread class and knocked out another 3.82 miles and decided that I wanted to walk a little so I did a 20 minute classical walk and got another 1 mile done. I didn't care at that point that I was 0.6 miles short of my goal. I was spent and my back hurt still!

WHAT'S ON DECK FOR NEXT WEEK: My back is feeling a little better but not great so here's what I'm supposed to do for week 9 (spoiler alert...I don't get much done)

faded background of woman running on a trail with trees. text in black


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