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Coast Guard Semper Paratus Challenge 2024 Training Week 6

Recovery from the flu is going rough. This is quite possibly the worse training cycle ever and I hope I never have a repeat of this! While I would like to attempt to get all of my miles in this week, I cannot guarantee that I will run all of these miles or all the total miles especially the long run on Saturday. We will see!


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TOTAL TIME: 2h 08m 20s

Day 1 - Stretch and yoga I picked a 10 minute full body stretch with Joslyn Thompson Rule. I wish she had longer than a 10 minute stretch but that's all she had for full body. I like her stretches because she doesn't do that whole "kneel down, reach behind you, grab your back foot and pull it towards your butt" thing. Her body doesn't move like that and neither does mine. I have a feeling that I'll need to do more full body stretching all week to help kick this post flu stiffness. I also did a 20 minute restorative yoga from the holiday season with Anna Greenburg. I think restorative yoga is my favorite of all time!

Day 2 - 4 miles w/speed work I'm not sure if all the speed work is supposed to be done back to back but I split it up. The speed work was 3 minutes at a moderate effort, equal recovery, 2 minutes at a hard effort, equal recovery, 1 minute at harder effort, and equal recovery. I split those up and finished my run at 4.1 miles total. I felt good, only coughed a few times, and made sure that I wore a scarf not so much for warmth but for around my neck and chest since I was so sick. I ran at a different trail than I normally like to run at because it was closer to home and I enjoyed the change of scenery. I might start adding in my long runs on this trail.

Day 3 - attempted 4 miles...ended at 1 I was ready to go. I got to the trail, stretched, started my out and back only to get about half a mile in and my stomach started to gurgle, if you catch my drift! I pride myself on the fact that I have never gone to the bathroom on the side of a trail and this time was no different. Plus the trail is literally lined with houses and businesses so even if I wanted to, there is no place to drop trou.

Day 4 - Rest Day Nothing like waking up to your child tossing their cookies all morning! That was how we spent most of Thursday. She couldn't keep anything down until after about 1pm and then she was guzzling water and keeping it down.

Day 5 - Rest Day No one else was throwing up but I slept like crap and I felt like I was coming down with something. I think it was Friday that my sister was telling me that in her area people were getting hit left and right by Flu A and then Flu B (and vice versa) back to back. Kinda sounds like what was happening here.

Day 6 - 3 miles I opted to swap my long run around since starting next week they will be on Sundays plus I was still feeling like garbage and it was book club night. I ran on the treadmill and just tried my best. I walked a lot because my energy just wasn't there yet.

Day 7 - Rest Day Yeah for another wake up with the kid tossing her cookies! Did you catch the sarcasm. It only happened the one time in the morning but I spent the day washing bedding, folding some clothes, and making some bread. Plus I still just didn't have the energy to run 9 miles...even though I really wanted to get out there and run something!

WHAT'S ON DECK FOR NEXT WEEK: We have to catch a break right? Between strep and the flu I feel like this training cycle is a bust. Praying for no more illness and let's see if I'll actually run 10 miles next week!

faded background of woman running on a trail with trees. text in black


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