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Coast Guard Semper Paratus Challenge 2023 Training Week 8

Well this didn't go the way I thought it would this week. I had some headaches that knocked me out the whole weekend. I think it's time to get my eyes checked again and update my glasses prescription. I honestly forgot to update this as the days went by and had to work from memory...and well...if you know me then you know that is a bad idea!

REMINDER OF WHAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO Monday: Recovery/Rest Day (Stack: 30 min 80s Yoga Flow, 10 min Restorative Yoga; Live: 20 min Evening Yoga Flow)

Tuesday: 4 miles + Upper Body/Core (Stack: 30 min Upper Body, 30 min Core)

Wednesday: 3 miles + Hills 2 (Live: 15 min Focus Flow Yoga Hamstrings)

Thursday: 30 min Cross Training (Live 20 min Hike, 20 min Motown Walk)

Friday: Full Body Strength (Stack: 30 min Full Body)

Saturday: 5 miles (Encore: 30 min Aussie Vibes Yoga Flow)

Sunday: 8 mile Long Run (Stack: 20 min Restorative Yoga)


TOTAL MILES: 7.1 miles

TOTAL TIME: 1h 46m 55s

Day 1 - 30 min 80s Yoga Flow

It's so easy to do these classes in my room and roll right into bed...which is what I did. The music was fantastic and I was able to do the majority of the moves without having to modify! I did learn that you shouldn't feel the weight of downward facing dog in your wrists and heels of your hands. I just found two basics for downward facing dog that I'll add this week.

Day 2 - 4 miles , 30 min Upper Body, 30 min Core, 10 min Restorative Yoga

First mile was a warm up with 0.1 mile walk at 2.5 and then 0.3 miles at each speed 3.9, 4.0, and 4.1. Miles 2 and 3 followed the same setup as the warm up mile except faster. 0.3 miles at each speed 5.0, 4.8, and 4.6 with a 0.1 mile walk at 3.0 each mile. The final mile was 0.45 miles at 4.1 and then 4.0 and then walked the final 0.1 mile at 2.5.

I rolled right into my upper body workout with 20s and 10s. It took days before my arms and chest weren't too sore to lift my hands above my head! I did my core workout upstairs in my room and let me just say...I now understand why Rebecca only has four 30 minute core workouts and why the last one was in 2021...they're dumb! 15-20 minutes is going to be my max for core! I didn't get a picture when I was done mostly because I didn't feel like I got a great workout. Before I could figure out how to modify a move because I couldn't do what she was doing, it was on to the next move!

Day 3 - 3 miles + Hills 2, 15 min Focus Flow Hamstrings

This run felt good! I should have done my warm up either alternating between running and walking but instead I walked 0.1 miles at 2.5, ran 0.75 miles at 4.1 and then walked 0.15 miles at 2.5. I'm kind of digging the speed variations I've been doing switching it up every 0.3 miles so that's what I did for mile 2 but I increased my speed instead of decreasing like Tuesday. I went from 4.3 to 4.5 to 4.7. I walked the 0.1 miles at 3.0 and then walked a few extra seconds until I got to 32 minutes. Reminder: hills 2 is 8 round of 20 seconds at 7% incline at a fast pace and a 40 second recovery at 1% incline. Starting at 32 minutes and ending at 40 minutes my fast pace was 6.5 and my recovery pace was 2.5. I finished my recovery and did a few seconds more to get to 2.6 miles and then I ran the final 0.4 at 4.3 before dropping the speed to 2.0 for 0.1 miles.

My hamstrings are super tight as always and while this yoga flow helped some, I'll need to do it more in order to help loosen them up. I'm definitely going to be signing up this month or next month for the Virtual Run Club from Run To The Finish so I can use my non-training time to help really stretch myself out and get into better habits before my next training cycle!

Day 4 - Rest Day

I wanted to do both of the live walks but I didn't get up in time to start work in time to make the first hike and then I forgot to set an alarm for the walk. Ultimately it was best. I haven't been sleeping well so actually taking a day off instead of swapping workouts or adding extra yoga classes.

Day 5 - 30 min Full Body Strength + Thursday's 30 minute Cross Training

I threw around some 20s for this full body workout and my goodness it felt great! I felt strong too! I did have issues with the core work at the end only because I was doing sit ups (assisted with my feet under the bench but freakin SIT UPS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS) and as soon as I finished I leaked. Like I pulled my feet out and rolled over and boom...running/waddling to the bathroom so I don't pee all over the floor. I don't get it! I finished that workout and had some energy left and decided to read my book while having a Hogwarts Express ambiance video play on the tv (one of the few ambiance videos that I've come across that doesn't get interrupted by commercials)...but then my sister called and she has been calling recently while we're driving somewhere as a family or eating so I answered it.

Day 6 & 7 - Rest Days

Obviously this wasn't planned but I woke up Saturday morning with a bad headache that just wouldn't go away. I thought as the day went on that I might be able to maybe walk some of the mileage but really I just wanted to go to bed and get a good night sleep for my long run. Didn't expect to wake up Sunday morning with a migraine. It's been a while since I've had a knock me down migraine. Nothing helped and I ended up in bed most of the day. I took it as a sign that I've been pushing myself too hard and stressing about something so I didn't let it get me down.

WHAT'S ON DECK FOR NEXT WEEK: How is it that I'm about to start week 9 of training...and there is only 4 more weeks until race day? This is absolutely insane! I can't believe how fast this training season has gone. What I would *like* to do is start doing more of my runs outside. I know the weather is fluctuating (like it was in the 30s the majority of the week, dropped into the low-mid 20s on Saturday and back up to the 40s on Sunday) but I don't know what the temp will be like on race day so I might as well start running outside. While I like doing the workouts on the treadmill, I think I might try them outside this week but we'll see!

Monday: Recovery/Rest Day (Stack: 30 min Restorative Yoga)

Tuesday: 3 miles (Stack: 20 min Full Body Stretch)

Wednesday: 6 miles + Fartleks 10x30 seconds (Stack: 15 min Foam Rolling)

Thursday: 4 miles (Live: 20 min Focus Flow Yoga)

Friday: Full Body Strength (Live: 45 min Full Body Strength)

Saturday: 3 miles (Live: 45 min 90s Yoga Flow)

Sunday: 10 miles (Stack: 30 min Yoga Flow)


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