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Coast Guard Semper Paratus Challenge 2023 Training Week 11

I ended up treating this week like a total recovery week! You'll see a lot of stretching and mobility added to my schedule and it all felt amazing! If you have the Peloton app and you have tight hips, take Kirra Michel's 15 minute Hip Mobility class in the mobility section. You can thank me later!

REMINDER OF WHAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO Monday: REST (Stack: 15 min Hip Mobility)

Tuesday: 3 miles (Stack: 15 min Hip Mobility)

Wednesday: Core workout + Stretching (Stack: 15 min Standing Core + 20 min Full body Stretch)

Thursday: 1 mile warm up, 1 round speed play 1, 1 mile cool down (Stack: 15 min Hip Mobility)

Friday: Recovery/Mobility (Stack: 10 min Ankles & Feet Mobility + 20 min Full Body Mobility)

Saturday: 3 miles (Stack: 10 min Spinal Mobility + 10 min Neck Mobility)

Sunday: 7 mile Long Run (Stack: 15 min Morning Mobility before run + 10 min Post-Run Stretch)


TOTAL MILES: 11.33 miles

TOTAL TIME: 3h 10m 59s

Day 1 - 15 min Hip Mobility

This class is amazing! I am definitely going to add it into my routine. I would like to do it at night before bed. The stretching and movements are simple and easy and after just a couple of days I was feeling a difference!

Day 2 - 3 miles w/5 min warm up stretch & 10 min post stretch

I thought I was doing amazing during this run. I thought I was sticking to around 50-60% of my heart rate and running in Zone 1 or 2. I was super proud! It wasn't until afterwards that I found that I was actually running my entire easy run (at 4.0 btw) in ZONE 4 or at 80-90% of my max heart rate! I did a chat with Garmin and found out that my heart rate zone reader during my activity is the percentage of the zone I'm in. So I was running at 50% but it was 50% of Zone 4. Ugh! I also added the hip mobility class at the end of the day. I's amazing!

Day 3 - 15 min Standing Core & 20 min Evening Stretch

Y'all know the drill by now right...any time I don't need weights and can do my workout and stretch in my room, odds are I'm not gonna get a picture! The core class was fun and the stretch felt amazing. It was a full body stretch just not the original one I had planned out.

Day 4 - 2 miles + Speed 1

I GOT TO RUN OUTSIDE Y'ALL! It was a beautiful 78 degrees and I got to run at the trail! It was amazing! I managed to finish my run at exactly sunset. I couldn't have timed it better. I did an easy 1 mile warm up. The speed work was 3 minutes moderate pace, 3 minutes recovery walk, 2 minutes hard pace, 2 minutes recovery walk, 1 minute harder pace, and 1 minute recovery walk. I finished the final recovery and was at about 1.96 miles so I kept walking to catch my breath until I hit 2 miles and then did my mile cool down run. Since I wasn't sure when to turn around, I ended up finishing at 3.36 miles. I couldn't get a picture at the trail because I wanted to get home before it was too dark but it was amazing! I can't wait to run out there again!

Day 5 - Rest Day

Friday was all a total and complete shit show! Wednesday night my daughter woke up in the middle of the night and said that her legs were broken. She ran into our room...her legs weren't broken. I think she is about to go through a growth spurt because this is about what happens every time. I gave her some Tylenol, rubbed her legs and she went back to sleep. Why am I telling you about Wednesday? Because her pattern continued to Friday. She spent all morning throwing up. About every 15-20 minutes she was throwing up. She couldn't keep anything down. I ended up only working about an hour before just giving up and going to hang out with her. This is also part of her pattern for growth spurts. I wanted to do some stretching and the day and night just got away from me.

Day 6 - 30 minutes of Mobility

I did a 10 minute Ankles & Feet mobility class followed by a 10 minute Spinal mobility and then a 10 minute Neck mobility class. It was very informative. I don't have nearly as much mobility in my feet and ankles as I thought. That's another one that I'm going to have to start doing regularly!

Day 7 - 15 minute Morning Mobility & almost 5 mile long run

As you can see, I ran about 4.87 miles...well I was alternating between walking a mile and running a mile and this was a walking mile when I stopped. I started smelling burning plastic. I thought maybe it was coming from one of the fans because they're old. Nope...those were fine. I turned off the treadmill, like flipped the switch to turn the whole machine off, and the cover over the motor was hot to the touch. Long story short, I killed my treadmill! There are a couple of plus sides to this. The biggest one is that the treadmill has a 3 year warranty so the company is going to replace the motor. The next big one is that this was my final run on the treadmill before my race next week. I have a couple of runs on the schedule for next week that will be adjusted but none of it is going to be done on the treadmill. I'll do it at the trail on Tuesday afternoon so there is no rush to get this thing fixed!

WHAT'S ON DECK FOR NEXT WEEK: Next week is Race Week!!! I got my race guide over the weekend and I'm even more stoked! The only thing I wish they included is the different vendors that will be at the expo. They just show the layout.

I don't know what stretching and mobility classes I'll be doing this week but I'll make sure to let y'all know when I do my recap. My week 12 training recap will cover Monday - Thursday and I'll to have that out on Tuesday per usual and then I'll do a separate post covering my weekend experience with the expo, the 5K, the half marathon, and my recovery plan. I'll also add up all my miles (including race miles) and my hours ran during this training (including race times) just like last year! I can't wait to see how it goes and see how I do!

You'll notice that on Tuesday there are two sets of hard efforts added. This last week is supposed to have a 3 mile run on Tuesday with the 20 seconds hard effort and then 3 miles on Thursday with 30 seconds of hard effort and Friday has a 1 mile shakeout. Since I'm running the 5K on Friday, I moved the shakeout to Thursday and added the hard efforts to Tuesday's run.

Monday: REST (Stack: 15 min Hip Mobility)

Tuesday: 3 miles w/5x20 seconds hard effort + 3x30 seconds hard effort

Wednesday: Yoga, Core, or Rest

Thursday: Rest or 1 easy mile

Friday: Coast Guard 5K

Saturday: Coast Guard Half Marathon



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