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Coast Guard Semper Paratus Challenge 2023 Training Week 10

Y'all I have history of burn out in the last few weeks of training! Since this is my 3rd race that I have trained for and recapped for you here (but really for myself), I am able to see a pattern. You don't have to sift through all the posts because I'm gonna let you know what's going on! Mount Rushmore was a 16 week beginner training (all endurance). Week 12 I got a cramp in my butt during my long run. It faded during week 13 so I did my long run that week...said cramp came back...and stuck around. Doctor told me to ice and rest because my SI Joints were super inflamed so I missed my last 3 weeks of running prior to my race. Last year was a 12 week training for the Coast Guard Half. Week 9 long run gave me blisters that took me out of running week 10, did most of my runs week 11 and lots of rest week 12 leading up to race day. Here's my theory. I am not a consistent runner. Historically I've been a 1-3 times a week runner with under 5 miles each run. Launching into even a beginner training program like Mount Rushmore (free training from Active At Altitude for signing up for a Vacation Races Race), last year's CG Half (free training from the Bird app), and this year's CG Half (free training schedule found in Run To The Finish by Amanda Brooks) is so many miles that my body isn't used to running on a regular basis so that's what I'm going to work on before I start training for 2024.

Anywho...let's see what I actually managed to do this week! Oh yeah...and I didn't take any pictures...but there wasn't much to document.

REMINDER OF WHAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO Monday: Recovery/Rest Day (Stack: 30 min beginner yoga flow)

Tuesday: 5 miles + Upper Body/Core (Encore: 15 min Core; Stack: 10 min Chest & Back)

Wednesday: 6 miles (Stack: 15 min Hip Mobility)

Thursday: 4 miles (Live: 20 min Focus Flow Hips)

Friday: Full Body Strength (Live: 45min Hip Hop Full Body Strength)

Saturday: 3 miles (Stack: 45 min 90s Yoga - because I missed it this week)

Sunday: 11 miles (Stack: 20 min Post-Run Stretch, 10 min Restorative yoga)


TOTAL MILES: 4.41 miles

TOTAL TIME: 1h 08m 41s

Day 1 - 30 min Yoga Flow What is there to say about doing yoga? I did it before I went to bed on Monday night. It was literally 9:19pm when I started the class. I got the class done, laid down with my daughter until she fell asleep. I don't remember if I fell asleep in her bed as I am writing this a week later!

Day 2 - 2.25 miles My legs did not want to turn over at all for this run. I didn't even document the speeds that I ran. I wanted to run at least 3 miles but when I got to 1.5 miles I said nope! I got to 2 miles and then I walked the quarter mile as my cool down.

Days 3 to 5 - Rest Days I had no energy and my legs still felt heavy. I can officially say that hitting double digits on the treadmill leave my body beat up for days. I rested and tried to stretch when I remembered to but nothing sanctioned. No classes.

Day 6 - 60 min 90s Tread Bootcamp This workout was with Jess Sims. This is the second time I've worked out with her and it's the second time that I feel like I've blacked out and said WTF Jess multiple times. It's all a blur. The only thing I truly remember is that in the first 10 minutes I ran almost 0.8 miles...and the first 5 minutes was a warm up....let that sink in! I'm writing this on Monday night and my legs and shoulders are more sore today than they were yesterday or Saturday night!

Day 7 - 15 min Hip Mobility I want to do this every single day. Oh my goodness! This was a delicious stretch and made my lower body feel so good. I'm actually going to do this again as soon as I finish this post!

WHAT'S ON DECK FOR NEXT WEEK: I have ordered a new yoga mat that hopefully my dog or my child won't poke holes in during the first week I have it like they did my last one! I also got 2 new yoga blocks that are the same thickness! My daughter can have my old ones! The blocks are also coming with a new strap that I'll be able to use in some of the restorative poses. Next will be clothes that fit! Anyway, this week is looking nice and easy! I think I'll be able to manage this one!

Monday: REST (Stack: 15 min Hip Mobility)

Tuesday: 3 miles (Stack: 15 min Hip Mobility)

Wednesday: Core workout + Stretching (Stack: 15 min Standing Core + 20 min Full body Stretch)

Thursday: 1 mile warm up, 1 round speed play 1, 1 mile cool down (Stack: 15 min Hip Mobility)

Friday: Recovery/Mobility (Stack: 10 min Ankles & Feet Mobility + 20 min Full Body Mobility)

Saturday: 3 miles (Stack: 10 min Spinal Mobility + 10 min Neck Mobility)

Sunday: 7 mile Long Run (Stack: 15 min Morning Mobility before run + 10 min Post-Run Stretch)


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