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Coast Guard Semper Paratus Challenge 2024 Training Week 3

I'm starting the week off just praying that I am healthier this week and can get all my runs in! Last week I asked in my online running group how to adjust my long runs since I've missed the last couple weeks and was advised to shorten my long run since I'm still early on in training. What I am thinking I'll do is drop the long run to 5 miles and increase the Sunday run to 3 miles. That way I'll have 8 miles instead of 9 miles and then should be able to keep going on with the long run distances starting next week. I also might end up swapping Friday and Saturday if my husband goes hunting so we shall see how this week turns out!


faded background of woman running on a trail with trees. text in black



TOTAL TIME: 2h 55m 15s

collage of pictures from the week's workouts

Day 1 - Restorative Yoga I felt like all of the positions we did in this 20 minute class were prepping me for bed. That worked out because I did go to bed right after this. I am really working at my evening time management so I can include more restorative classes in the evening before bed. Even if they're only 10 minutes. Doesn't need to be anything big or long!

Day 2 - Rest Day I had every intention of doing my hill run this day. I got dressed and even drove out to the trail. Unfortunately on my way there I started getting dizzy and nauseous. I sipped some water and when I got to the trail I determined that I was not going to make it. Not only was my stomach upset but my guts were gurgling (if you catch my drift) and I opted to run on the treadmill after bus pick up. Pick up came and went and I still felt light headed and nauseous so I rested instead.

Day 3 - 20 min Cross Training, 30 min Full Body Strength, 5 min Core

selfie on treadmill with tv in background

My original plan was to do a 20 min outdoor Peloton walk but it was too cold so I did a 1 mile walk on the treadmill (this is not included in the total mileage or time for this week) instead while watching "Supernatural". I finished with enough time to get the space next to the tread swept and ready for the strength workout.


It's been a while since I've done a strength training class but I went in with 15 pound weights for the first part of the class which was single leg deadlifts, wood chops, and push presses. During the AMRAP I swapped out the 15s for an 8 for the roll up and the pass through (I'm not going to get into too much detail for the moves...or even pretend that I'm giving the correct name for these moves) but went back to the 15s when it came down to the last set of loaded squats. My legs were toast after this...for several days! I honestly cannot tell you what we did in the 5 min core workout because it was so fast and I'm not sure I was able to keep up. I think there was a side plank or a forearm plank but not sure. I think I blacked out!

Day 4 - 3 miles

selfie on treadmill with tv on in background

As mush as I wanted to run outside, it was still too cold. Coming off of strep, I thought it would be better to just stay inside. I didn't pay attention to my speeds other than making sure that I was over 4.0. Since it was my first run in a little over a week I decided to run 0.4 miles and walk 0.1. I walked at 2.5 to catch my breath and see how I felt. It ended up feeling good!

Day 5 - 5 mile long run I swapped my long run day because my husband was going hunting. The weather was wonderful and I really didn't want to run 5 miles on the treadmill. The view of the trail was beautiful and I wish I had taken a picture or two. I tried my new salt tabs to see how my body liked them and if they might work to alternate with my gels. They tasted like the Sunkist vitamin C tablets that I used to have as a kid. I need to do a little more research into the total amount of carbs and sodium per hour during long runs is the guideline so I can make sure I'm using everything properly.

Day 6 - Rest Day My daughter had another birthday party to go to for a kid in her class. I had all the good intentions of doing my workout when we got home but my legs were still sore from the loaded squats which means I really gotta step up my strength training days! We had fun and my kid had a blue mouth from the frosting of her cupcake!

Day 7 - 3 miles

selfie in green shirt holding up 3 fingers to indicate number of miles ran

This was the first time I used the feature on the Garmin website to create a workout. I forgot that I set it up for a 5 min warm up, 3 mile run, 5 min cool down and just launched myself into the run. I was about 0.33 miles in when my watch beeped at me and told me to start my 3 miles. I already felt off because I ran through the neighborhood but started at a different point so my usual mile markers were off but then I realized I was supposed to be walking! This lead to having to make some extra laps in some of the culs-de-sac.

WHAT'S ON DECK FOR NEXT WEEK: Weather is the biggest factor for me right now. I want to run outside but I do not play well in the cold! While I really want to do Tuesday's run outside, we will have to see exactly how cold it is when I drop my kid off at the bus to determine if I go or use the tread. I will be adjusting my long run down to 6 miles and my recovery run up to 3 miles again. This will bring me to 9 miles for the weekend instead of 10 but after next week I should be able to roll back into the training plan as it is written.

faded background of woman running on a trail with trees. text in black

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