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2020 Sucks All Around!

We can all agree that 2020 has sucked for everyone! I've been furloughed since April but last week I officially lost my job. That box sitting next to me has been hanging around in my house for the last week containing all of the contents from my desk and I haven't been able to go through it. I mean technically I went through it when I was cleaning out my desk but now that everything is home I need to put my things away and that's a little painful. I do sit back and reflect on the fact that this is probably the best thing for my health. I started the year off seeing my doctor. I needed therapy. I needed to get into therapy for myself as well as family therapy for my husband and me. That's a story for another day as neither of these have happened yet. I had a full workup of my blood done. I got a referral for a sleep study. It was mentioned if I was having trouble losing weight that maybe I will need to take medication for weight loss and that is NOT OKAY WITH ME! Blood work came out fine. Sleep study resulted in a sleep apnea diagnosis and I feel like I've been sleep worse with that stupid mask the last 6 months despite the data showing that that I'm having next to no sleep apnea episodes at night now. I did a 3 week cleanse to see if I could kick off my weight loss and it worked (check out my transformation post here). My last attempt to keep the possibility of meds at bay was to do a food sensitivity test and I have 16 foods that range in MILD, MODERATE, and HIGH reactivity. Some I eat on a regular basis but I eliminated some during my cleanse and haven't necessarily brought them back. Now that I've cleared up the last few months, let's go back to the beginning of the year. I had also been dealing with my eye twitching to the point that it was starting to effect my sight...yet my doc said to wait it out. Still confused that she was willing to mention weight loss meds but nothing to help chill the eye twitch. It took until about mid June before my eye stopped twitching though. I was stressed even though I was furloughed. I was stressed because I was counting my furlough days. I stopped counting after 60 days and then my eye stopped twitching. Now what will the last part of the year hold for me, my family, my life? Who knows but one thing I know (and I'll be writing about it shortly) is that I will continue to be working on becoming the best version of me that I can be.

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